Ron Paul on This Week


In case you accidentally switched on your TV's George Stephanopoulos filter, here's the freshly YouTubed video of Ron Paul on This Week.

Here's the closing exchange on Paul's viability.

Stephanopoulos: What's success for you in this campaign?

Paul: What's success? Well, to win, is one, is the goal.

Stephanopoulos: That's not going to happen.

Paul: Do you know for absolute? Are you willing to bet every cent in your pocket for that?

Stephanopoulos: Yes.

Paul: You are. OK. I thought so when I ran for Congress. I wouldn't bet anything I could have been elected to Congress. The odds are great, the odds are difficult, and I know that. But I would say that what has happened so far has been about 100 times greater than I anticipated.

Also, Stephanopoulos starts off the broadcast with some video of the "nice crowd assembled on the street" to support Paul. Stephanopoulos arrived at the interview a moment after Paul did and couldn't get a clear path into the hotel. He dodged around the crowd, looking bemused, and strolled into the hotel noticed only by a surly throng of baseball card collecters. (I'm captured around 18 seconds into the video, camera left, in sunglasses and a bright green shirt.)