Ron Paul Beats McCain in the Money Race


I just left the scene outside of Ron Paul's interview with George Stephanopoulos in downtown D.C. Before he headed in to the Mayflower Hotel, Paul milled around with a gaggle of around 30 supporters and I asked him if he had more cash on hand than John McCain. "Somebody said we might, when the numbers come in," he said. "At least we're on the up slope, not the down slope."

And then he confirmed it for ABC News: He has $2.4 million on hand, $400,000 more than John McCain. (McCain raised $11.2 million this quarter but burned through most of it.)

In case you got one of those busted iPhones and can't see the video, here was my other question. (Who's up for a game of softball?)

reason: What do you think of John McCain saying he might take public financing?
Rep. Paul: He must need it. We don't need it.