McCain Death Watch


Sen. John McCain raised $11.2 million from April through June, $1.3 million less than he raised in the first three months of the year. Less than a month ago he was predicting he'd beat that quarter one total. Probable explanation: The money dried up during the base-infuriating immigration fight.

And Phil Klein has the goods:

Terry Nelson said the campaign is now considering accepting federal matching funds.

Cites a "difficult fundraising environment" for Republicans as well as McCain taking "principled stands" on such issues as immigration and campaign finance reform.

Federal. Matching. Funds. It's like watching the baby carriage tumble down the Odessa steps.

Ryan Sager (from whom I stole the "Death Watch" title) has more,
including the fact that McCain only has 72,000 donors. For every two McCain donors there are seven Obama donors.

UPDATE: McCain only has $2 million in the bank.