Silent Running…for President


This article's topic makes it somehow appropriate that I'm only getting around to noting it more than a month after it appeared in the Weekly Standard: Matt Labash contributes one of his typically entertaining features hanging around with Chicago millionaire John Cox, a truly ignored GOP candidate for president, who can catch a break from neither party nor media–until now.

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  1. I read that, but talk about not standing out. The media truly can ignore him, he just isn’t saying anything that everyone else isn’t saying

  2. Bruce Dern is running?

  3. I would back a Ron Paul/John Cox ticket.

    Would America back a monosyllabic ticket?

  4. Bruce Dern would make an awesome President–if he could kill John Wayne, then he should have no problem with Osama.

  5. John Cox should have as his running mate Bill Dix.

  6. What the Republicans should do is stuff Cox’s body and some debris into a torpedo tube and fire it into the water so it can float up to the surface, to make the Democrats think they’ve won.

  7. what’s with the MSM being so whack?

    i think it’s high time we start a libertarian cable news channel. don’t we have enough millionaires-who-ran-for-office-but-got-snubbed-by-the-MSM to provide initial funding for one? (i realize this Cox guy is technically not libertarian. i’m just sayin’.)

  8. Dear John Cox: Life sucks, dunnit? Try it sometime without being a millionaire.

  9. I’ve heard this guy speak and believe me, there IS a cure for insomnia. Drone, drone, drone, drone about random nonsense and crackpot ideas.

    Why is it that every millionaire thinks he can be president? At least some actually WIN some lower offices first, like Bloomberg. This Cox guy has lost for the US House, US Senate and a dog-catcher level office in Chicago. Very odd fellow.

    BUT, his trainwreck of a campaign is at least ENDLESSLY entertaining to watch:

  10. I think Jordan Rivers is best man to run for president.We need a real man in office not some washed up old guy who can’t remember what it’s like to be a normal human being.We need guts and stregnth.And a man with a brain….not some one who has to grow a brain in office !
    Here’s his web site….for for Jordan Rivers indepentant
    Thanks Heather LaBra

  11. Well,I heard Jordan Rivers is a registered Repulican. He’s a world class guitarist singer.
    Didn’t hear he was running for president on a different ticket?
    I did look at his web site you posted Heather at
    I guess he has a following. But he’ll need more people than that to even make it laughable.

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