Get Thee Censored, Satan


Music site Blabbermouth brings us news of Polish anti-Satanists on the rampage, hoping to ban musicians who "promote" Beelzebub's creed:

Michal Stangret of Poland's Metro reports that a Polish anti-sect organization calling itself the All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sects has compiled a list of artists who allegedly "promote Satanism" through their music. The list, which will be distributed to various Polish officials in July, will likely result in the artists becoming registered and getting banned from performing in Poland.

"Until now it has been unclear which bands promote these values, and therefore the authorities, unaware of the facts, have allowed these kinds of concerts to be organized, in the process giving these bands a platform from which they could spread their dangerous message. So we decided to help them," explained Ryszard Nowak, who heads the All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sects.

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  1. Omigod, It’s the devils music! Even though he’ a man of wealth and taste, people must be protected.

  2. All the best bands are affiliated with Satan.

  3. Would this include Tenacious D?

  4. They are but men.

  5. And next spring they’ll be coming out with v2.0: All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sex, compiling lists of pornographic performance artists.

  6. Was Satanic panic: the creation of a contemporary legend by Jeffrey S. Victor never translated into Polish?

  7. How funny! I just posted a video and the lyrics to the Stones’ “Monkey Man”, which includes the line, “Well, I hope we’re not too messianic, or a trifle too satanic.” Must be psychically interlinked with Poland today. Huh.

    Anyway, guess the Stones are on the list, especially with their other, more egregious, pro-Satan statements.

  8. It’s impressive that the Poles invented a time machine, but it’s too bad that it took them to 1980.

  9. The Satanic Coven-Lady:

    Who put them up to this…could it be……..Jesus?

  10. Sects and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.
    Sounds about right.

  11. This guy is Polish. No joke. His name is Rob Darken. Fairly certain he’ll make the list.
    He’s a racist sonuvabitch, too.

  12. Until now it has been unclear which bands promote these values, and … the authorities, unaware of the process [for] giving these bands a platform from which they could spread their dangerous message. So we decided to help them.

    Aren’t these guys aware of the history of this sort of thing? Don’t they know that nothing will get more support from their fans like being banned by their parents?

  13. How could the land of Vader and Behemoth be concerned about satan-rock? Hell, they’ve got a city named after Danzig.

  14. Satanists are deluded twits .Most of them are officially Christians ,Jews & Moslems .Satan is an illusion. It’s a made up pile of nosense. Satan is the adversary of God in the bible & Koran.Christians & Moslems believe in God & his opposite Satan. Thus all Satanists believe in Satan & his opposite God. They could be no conflicts between them unless they believed in both.If Satanism is true then evil is true. Thus killing all Satanists would be perfectly ok. This is absurd.
    If God created Satan the fallen Angel then God created Evil thus the God of the Bible & Koran is Evil….and thus the God of the Bible & Koran is the deciever Satan.
    Clearly either this is nonsense or it is true.
    If it is true then mass murder child rape human & animal sacrifices are ok and we should all kill each other as quickly & brutally as possible. If it is not true then the Bible is
    absurd nonsense.
    I beleieve that evil is purely a Human concept.
    Satanists are a pathetic ,selfish, deluded & Evil bunch of imbeciles.What happens to a Satanist when they die? Does their soul go to Hell or Heaven? Obviously if Satan is real then his abode of evil Darkness and cruelty is Hell. Thus why would anyone want to go to hell to be tortured for all eternity? Clearly an absurd paradox.
    People should abandon superstitious nonsense.There are other alternatives. Hinduism tolerates all good things .There are various branches . Each lifestyle is catered for.Some are more solitary or spiritual some more wordly. Partying is not evil nor is pot , Cannabis ,Dancing , Loud Music or really good Sex.There are various branches so find one that suits your personality.Leave the evil sectarian absurdity’s of Christianity , Islam & Satanism .

  15. Poland’s got a vibrant neo-pagan/quasi-satanist metal scene with the occasional sprinkling of white supremacy. Most of these acts are woefully obscure, though, which makes the hunt all the more silly.

    The long-haired, self-producing only child — embodiment of fear.

  16. Is Juliet Samuel reason’s new metal correspondent?

    I assume this goes back to Gorgoroth’s performance there a few years ago. Or perhaps just Gahl’s hilarious response in Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey.

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