Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton, You Leap on the Back of the Wind!


Instant blog post. Step one:

Belatedly note the launch of this video, in which Hillary Clinton's campaign stormtroopers turn the dials on Maya Angelou's cryo-pod from "Freeze" to "Thaw," and the poetess issues her soaring, rambling endorsement of the Democratic frontrunner.

Step two:

Link to David Alan Grier's impression of Angelou.

Is Barack Obama devious enough to pay Grier his per diem—which at this point has to be in the tens of dollars—and create an Angelou response video? Is Edwards? Is Gravel? Well, Gravel probably is, but who knows if he'd give the comedian a script?

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  1. I know why the cat’s ass smells like shit.

  2. Is this the opening salvo in Hillary’s bid to become the First Black Female Statist president?

  3. I watched just enough to learn that Maya Angelou uses the title “Dr.” based on getting honorary doctorates.

  4. Are they paying royalties to Mr. Rogers for the background music?

  5. Nice little snippet of “Soulfinger” by the Bar-Kays.

  6. OT: I got a packet from Rudy Guiliani asking for donations, etc. In it is one of those “business reply mail” envelopes; you know, the one where “postage will be paid by addressee?” So I’ll send that back to them, along with whatever garbage I have laying around. And I think on the envelope I’ll write “Ron Paul for President.”

    Think Rudy’s people will like that?

  7. sage,

    I send back my unsoliced junk mail the pre-paid return envelope, outer envelope and all.

    Not only do they get to pay to dispose of it, as opposed to my city, but they get to pay the 70 cents per envelope to the post office.

  8. Gawd, I miss the days when SNL used to be funny like this…
    As for the real Angelou, that video is awful. Hilary Clinton, the shrill, cuckolded faux-southerner makes her proud to be a woman?
    With the halting delivery and scary face look like it should be retitled ‘Zombie Maya Angelou for Brains’.

  9. I’ve been doing that for a while too, joe. It just gives me a little more pleasure to do so to someone like Rudy.

    If I still had a cat, I’d consider adding the contents of the litterbox too.

  10. Grier was one of the funniest comedians for decades, he was a black Phil Hartman (or Hartman was a white Grier). He was so versatile in a time when most black comedians have to play the same jive talking tough guy character that Pryor/Murphy/Lawrence/Tucker/etc. played.

  11. sage,

    make sure you throw in some potato flakes!

    but no return address…

  12. crimethink, of course! Or some brewer’s yeast…mwahahahaha!

  13. sage,

    I’m wondering if it would be possible to get enough people in one community to send back their junk mail, so that word gets around the direct-mail industry that Zip Code XXXXX is a money-loser, and they stop sending stuff there.

  14. Joe, probably. The other thing you can do (for people with way too much time on their hands) is to take all the subscription cards you get in your magazine and just drop them in the mail with some scribble in the blanks. My guess is that the postal workers will still deliver it (not their job to sort the stuff), and you won’t have those annoying things lying around your house waiting for you to pick them up.

  15. Just remember America: a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Maya Angelou reciting another interminable poem at the Inauguration.

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