Rudy: No on Medical Marijuana


Just finished my reporting trip with a Rudy Giuliani town hall in New Castle, New Hampshire, a tiny island luxuryville a few miles from Portsmouth. Don Murphy from Republicans for Compassionate Access, the pro-medical marijuana group, got to ask Rudy a quick question in the mass flesh-press that preceded him leaving the event. Rough transcription:

MURPHY: You talked about abortion rights and how you trust people to make their own choices. Do you support the choice of cancer patients to use medical marijuana?
RUDY: No, I don't think a cancer patient should use marijuana. There are other options.

Coming after a lot of flights of "the government can't tell you what to do!" rhetoric, it was pretty abrupt.

(Oh, this isn't on video as I was busy a couple of steps away. Besides, YouTube stopped payment on my bribe. But Murphy audiotaped it.)