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Radicals for Capitalism Meets the Invisible Hand


Go here for a podcast I did last week for the show "Invisible Hand," (a business and management program) talking up my new book Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement .

And here for a short video clip from my appearance last month in Berkeley, California.

The Radicals for Capitalism site.


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  1. Brian,

    Jonah Goldberg’s review of your book from the dead-tree edition of National Review is online now.

    I loved this bit Some overlong sentences are almost Bushian in that they start out fine, but you have no idea where they might end up.

    Someone at reason was called “Bushian”? I suspect that Nick is tossing on the leather jacket to defend the collective honor of the staff 🙂

    Actually, that review should get everyboy to the stores who does not already own the book, or read Kos.

  2. Go here for a podcast I did last week for the show “Invisible Hand” …

    Jesus! OK! I’ll buy the book! Really! Gotcha! I get it now! I need to read the book! OK! Trouser snake! Undulating rivers of effluent!

  3. I see that I can buy RFC on Amazon for the same “half off” price Reason will sell it to me, provided I also extend my subscription another year.

    As of now RCF has an Amazon sales rank of under 4,000 which I find impressive at this late date. Still I think you’re going to need some sort of gimmick. Try taking up cross dressing when you’re out there pimping that thing.

    Would you believe I own a gross of personally inscribed copies of Radicals for Capitalism?

    How about one hardback first edition?

    Would you believe I’ve already racked up $214.38 in overdue library fines trying to finish that behemoth?

  4. Try taking up cross dressing when you’re out there pimping that thing.

    Thanks for bringing that image back into my head. Thanks.

  5. You are a hell of a spokesman for libertarian ideas, Brian. Kudos.

  6. I was at that reading, and loved it. I especially loved that excerpt, too.

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