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Next Year We're Gonna Party Like It's March 2003


It's an anti-war Republican trifecta! Ron Paul has Eric Dondero, Wayne Gilchrest has Andy Harris, and Walter Jones—whose tombstone will probably bear the words "freedom fries"—is drawing a pro-war challenger.

The Iraq issue is central to a challenge Jones has drawn for next year's Republican primary from Joseph R. McLaughlin, an Onslow County commissioner. McLaughlin is not that well-known to voters, especially outside his home county, but is seeking to spur a party backlash against Jones in a district that is home to three military bases, including the Marine Corps' massive Camp Lejune.

McLaughlin, who spent 18 years as an active-duty Army officer, contends that Jones' stances on the war and on homeland security issues are out of sync with those of the 3rd District's constituents.

"A number of us have become very concerned about his drift to the left, espousing ideas that we don't think reflect the views of the conservative base back in the district," McLaughlin said. "Virtually every major vote on the war on terror, he has lined up with the liberals."

I'd like to hear a longer indictment than that. Jones' ACU rating is 76—not great for a Southern Republican, but the number's pulled down by his anti-war votes. (Ron Paul has the same rating and Wayne Gilchrest scores a meager 48 thanks to his environmental votes.) Dig a little deeper and he gets a 100 from the Family Research Council and an A from the NRA. But he's bracing for a possible Lamonting because he wants to get out of Iraq.

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  1. But he’s bracing for a possible Lamonting because he wants to get out of Iraq.

    Verbing is fun.

  2. I can’t imagine why anybody at Camp Lejune would want to get our Marines out of an unwinnable quagmire.

  3. Verbing weirds language.

  4. I have to wonder, do these people actually think they speak for a majority? Still?

    I could admire them, in a way, if they were knowingly standing up for such an unpopular position – pulling a Goldwater, as it were.

    But they seem to really believe that they’re going to win, and win by criticizing their opponents’ opposition to the war.

  5. pulling a Goldwater, as it were

    That’s “Goldwatering” to you.

  6. That’s “Goldwatering” to you.



  7. VM,

    You know the weirding way?

  8. I think I’ve grown to hate Ron Paul, the same way I’ve grown to hate Britney Spears, Donald Trump, Anna Nicole (and her kids and her lovers), and Rachel Ray. I hope I never hear his name again.

  9. Republicans, consume thyselves!

  10. jp,
    Keep off the blogs until the after the first couple of primary votes and you won’t.

  11. I too was once a Weirder – like your father.

  12. VM,

    I think it may be a foul to cross Dune with Star Wars.

  13. Was trying to up the level of Sci Fi Movie a bit.

    /slinks back to residence under bridge

  14. VM,

    (Urkobold honestly doesn’t know. Dune is way, way too geeky.)


  15. Weirding way is the book(s); weirding module is the movie. David Lynch should be fed to a sandworm.

    I saw that the Urkobold lost patience with M. Montag in another thread. I’m surprised the ?ber Tr?ll didn’t bring up M. Montag’s past as a book burner.

  16. “Lamonting”

    Agh! This is the big one! I’m coming to be with you, ‘Lizabeth!

  17. [evil laughter – was one of the good players]

    /gets hit in the naughty bit and a half. runs off wailing and crying.

  18. What the fuck is the deal with not letting quote marks be in your name?


    Agh! This is the big one! I’m coming to be with you, ‘Lizabeth!

  19. Stevo,

    That’s Fredding. I used to do the “I’m coming for you, Elizabeth” bit in meetings where something illegal was being contemplated by the business side. It worked with the older folks, anyway.

  20. It’s Bush and the Republicans who “drift[ed] to the left” by Wilsoning their foreign policy.

    Make the world safe for democracy! An end to evil! While they’re at it, why not add such “conservative” slogans as “more spending” and “federalize education”? Wait, they already did. No wonder they don’t think Paul is conservative enough.


    Comparing Ron Paul to Britney Spears – that’s a really original idea, and I mean that.

  21. What is best in life? To crush your enemies. To see them driven before you. And to hear the Lamonting of their women.



  23. Stevo,

    As highlighted today at Urkobold: The Wind in Your Hair? Ha–Loser! Conan? He Knows.

  24. Pro Lib — Yeah, I knew it was actually “Fredding” but when I put:

    Stevo Darkly, “Fredding”

    … in the “Name” box of the comments, the software removed the word “Fredding” because of the double quotes, for some reason.

    BTW, I suppose the practice of “Lamonting” might be known as “Lamontry.”

    As in, “Lamontry, very pretty …”

  25. I fear that your words will be unlamonted.



    O Mighty Urkobold! Is now the time for the opening of the Holy Can of Whoopass?

  27. We should have a special Redd Foxx Day at Urkobold. Here’s a sample:

    Aunt Esther: Who you calling ugly, sucker?
    Fred Sanford: I’m calling you ugly. I could push your face in some dough and make gorilla cookies.

  28. *winged surrender monkeys fly into still-closed window

  29. Yes, it’s Monkey Tuesday!

  30. Now, in de name of de Mighty Urkobolt, I yom opening de Con of Wooo-Poss!


    Aunt Esther: Fred, I need your help.

    Fred Sanford: But, Esther, I’m a junkman, not a plastic surgeon.

    Aunt Esther: But, Fred, I need your truck.

    Fred Sanford: I agree. Son, take the truck and run over Esther’s face.

  31. I’d like to see Endora and Fred Sanford in a sitcom together.

  32. It’s very cromulent of you to embiggen the languace with all this verbing.

  33. Hey Dummy, stick your hand in this box…

  34. I just don’t grok most of the sci-fi references here ^_^

  35. BTW, I suppose the practice of “Lamonting” might be known as “Lamontry.”

    As in, “Lamontry, very pretty …”

    Indeed – it is inevitable that that which has been verbed will be nouned soon after.

  36. joe, you old hag, I’m not falling for that Gom jabbar trick again.

  37. This is the big one! It’s the big one, Alia’s Beth! The big one is the little death!

    And yo’ face is the mindkiller, Esther!

  38. How’d you like a lasgun across yo’ lip, dummy?

  39. I WILL kill him!!!

  40. Can some please get rid of these horrid, vile sci-fi comments. Are these the kind of kooks we want Reason and Libertarians associated with? Anyone?

  41. Mapes, lass, don’t you go in my room by mistake, ’cause if I pull back them covers and see you I might have a stroke and die a death within a death within a death.

    Behold, as a wild ass in the desert, go I forth to my work.

  42. Lamont, Gamont–how did America miss the DuneSanford and Son connection all these years?

  43. “how did America miss the Dune-Sanford and Son connection all these years?”

    Because American hasn’t been taking enought drugs?

  44. Concubine? Yeah, I’ll conk ya behin’, Lady Esthica!

    (Meanwhile, back on Grady Prime …)

  45. Watchda talkin\’ about, Count Baltar?

    Danger, danger, Gary Coleman!

    Bah, I give up…

  46. Indeed – it is inevitable that that which has been verbed will be nouned soon after. – MattXIV

    Verbs aren’t nouned. They are gerundified.

    More from the planet where the sandfordworm roams.

    Maud’dib: Arrakis is beautiful.
    Fred : An’ the butt ain’t half bad, neither!

    BTW, Freddying involved dancing as if one were a semiphoreman simultaneously doing jumping jacks.


  47. Well, there was the one Amos ‘n’ Andy TV show episode where Kingfish explains science to Andy – a subject that was beyond his amprehension:

    “You see Andy, the atom is made up of different parts; electrons, protons, Fig Newtons and morons!”

  48. Okay, careful, I thought kevrob’s entry was pretty funny, but now we’ve lost the Dune/SF connection and have devolved to lampooning African-American dialect.

    BTW, does the word “amprehension” mean something in Cauconics?

  49. Stevo,

    Urkobold has stolen the Dune-Sanford and Son thread and tempts you with. . . .

    The Litany Against Ugly.

  50. Stevo,

    amp?pre?hen?sion [amp-ri-hen-shuhn]

    1. Fearful or uneasy anticipation that someone will turn the amplifier dial up to eleven.

  51. Man, things are getting scary when it’s not safe to hold conservative opinions in the Republican party. As one poster pointed out, policing the world has always been the Democrat’s position. Wilsonian foreign policy. Wilson was a Democrat. The Scoop-Jackson branch of the Democratic party [the so-called neocons] remade themselves as pseudo-Republicans and “Democrat-ized” the Republican party. Now people holding traditional Republican positions are being frozen out as both parties come to stand for exactly the same things: internationalism, bloated budgets, endless deficits, etc. I wonder how many war-mongers on the Republican side realize just how Democrat all their positions are, and how Ron Paul–not any of the Establishment candidates–actually holds the TRADITIONAL Republican positions. Oh, irony!

  52. It’s indicitative of the truth the man tells that so many Bush-bots seethe for Ron Paul’s head on a plate.

    I voted for Chimpy. TWICE. (Actually, the second time I only voted for Chimpy to vote against the other idiot, because he was an even bigger idiot.) I supported both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. I still think both were the right things to do. However, BushCo has emerged as the most corrupt administration, possibly EVER. Nixon looks positively pristine next to BushCo, which-surprise!-is heavily populated with Nixonites.

    The Democrats, on the other hand, are simply clueless. Never had it, never will. I mean, what does it say about them when Obama-who is woefully inexperienced-is the only candidate they’ve got who stands any chance of not totally screwing up the country?!

    The bottom line is that BushCo f*cked up what should have been an easy victory in Iraq. At this point, I don’t care what anyone thinks about this statement: THEY DID IT ON PURPOSE. Those folks are far too smart to have been so stupid. The goal was fat oil profits and unlimited executive authority, and both were accomplished by this perpetual war into which we’ve been plunged. Pandering Rudy-the Iron Fist of Discipline, expedient Romney-the Flip-flopping Mormon Miracle, self-serving McCain-the Self-aggrandizing Face-time Hound? A pox on all of them. Any of them will only be more of the same, and the electorate knows this. We’ll probably wind up with President Hillary if any of those clowns get the nod. *shudder*

    Like it or not, our decades of screwing with and screwing over the MidEast played no small role in fomenting the religious extremism that’s led to this present-day mess. Most of this activity was done to line the pockets of the same bunch that make up BushCo’s little billionare clique. Now, under BushCo supervision, Bernanke is printing money like mad with Goldman Sachs man Paulson as his partner-in-crime; they’re working with the Japanese to blow a worldwide everything bubble (Google “Jeremy Grantham,” please) that’s going to end in a global economic collapse; they fight in the MidEast, not to win, but merely to piss them off enough to justify BushCo stripping us of one civil liberty after another, and they let brimstone-beltching assclowns like Dobson have an active hand in domestic policy.

    If you don’t think Ron Paul looks pretty damn good right now, you’re living in a dream world.

  53. “As one poster pointed out, policing the world has always been the Democrat’s position. Wilsonian foreign policy. Wilson was a Democrat.”

    Kinda sorta. Wilson believed that advancing democracy should be central to American foreign policy, it’s true.

    However, his definition of “advancing democracy” meand opposing the use of military force by big powers to make over the political systems in other countries. Wilsonian foreign policy postulates that anti-imperialism and support for democracy are one and the same.

    This is quite different from the neoconservative vision of advancing democracy. They don’t give a damn about self-determination. The duty of big powers is to use their militaries to impose democracy on undemocratic countries. Wilsonianism isn’t really the right term; Leopoldism is probably better, in honor of the “enlightened” Belgian king who took over Congo in order to bring them civilization and end slavery, and ended up with the deaths of millions on his hands.

  54. Someone made a great point: In a free society, the people have privacy and the government is supposed to be transparent. But increasingly, the United States is becoming a place where the government is censoring documents, re-classifying long-declassified papers, spying on its own citizens. Basically what the NEW Republican party is saying is: The government has a right to privacy and the people have no such right.
    That’s a classic forumla for a fascist state.
    They’ll claim to protect us if we just give up those pesky rights–those rights that millions of American soldiers and patriots died to give us.
    The fear-mongers are basically trying to kill the Bill of Rights and enstate the concept of the “unitary executive” [read: dictator].
    But as Ben Franklin warned us all: “A people who would give up their freedom for the promise of security will lose both–getting neither freedom nor security”.

    So be on careful guard against those presidential candidates who can’t wait to torture; the ones who think the Bill of Rights is so “pre-9/11”. Their arguments are the age-old arguments of all tyrants and despots: they’ll make us all safe if we JUST give up our civil rights and agree to be spied on. As Hurricane Katrina proved, the federal government can’t protect us from anything. So their claims of protecting us from “terrorists” is just a joke. Don’t believe them.

    Just remember: a free society is a place where the people have a right to privacy and the government is supposed to be transparent–not the other way around.

  55. “I have to wonder, do these people actually think they speak for a majority? Still?”

    They think they speak for a majority of *Republicans* and unfortunately they are right. Which is bad news for anti-war Republicans in the primaries and good news for Democrats in the general election.

  56. John, I will have to remember the term “Bush Bots”, but in all actuality that has come to fruition. I too voted for for Bush twice, but unlike you…I was not in support of the Afghanistan war nor the Iraq war. The first time I was lied to by Bush whom said that his platform was not policing and controlling countries. The 2nd time I voted for him he stated that He was the one to finish this “justified” war on terror and Iraq due to the fact that they had “WMD”. Another lie that We The People found out. In essence to this whole quagmire on terror…Vote for the only candidate that has shown his true patriotism to the sole principles of this wonderful United States of America…who but Ron Paul has these substantiated qualities? NONE and NONE.

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