Do You Have the Worst Commute in Los Angeles?


If so, then tune in to KFI AM today at 4pm PST:

The John & Ken Show is teaming up with the Reason Foundation to find the person with the most CONGESTED commute in Los Angeles. The winner will be profiled in a short web documentary hosted by Drew Carey, in which he or she will get to skip the gridlock grind for a day and be chauffeured to and from work by helicopter. If you think you've got the most CONGESTED commute in LA, email KFI and-in 500 words or less-plead your case.

More details here.

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  1. Hmm… Dana Point to the extreme south tip of Irvine. It’s 20-25 minutes and I never have to venture onto the freeway.

    Nope, I’d say my commute is pretty sweet… (Not as sweet as when I used to work from home, though).

  2. John & Ken shows are archived on the site, and allow you to hear it without commercials (they show up the next day).

    They’re less whimsical than they used to be, going now more for the constant-outrage format, but still sometimes they’re interesting. There’s some really ancient J&K cuts at scroll down to it, for the days of whimsey.

  3. Listening to Drew on the John and Ken show now.
    A good idea. An issue of Reason with nude or semi-nude libertarian babes.
    Or better yet, make it into a calendar.
    Merchandising, that is where its at.

  4. Hmmmm, Ayn Rand in lingerie.

  5. [barf]

  6. J & K spent most of today bashing illegals but the Drew part was great.

    My commute is pretty bad, 14 steps and a quick right turn to my desk. Hardest part is not slopping the coffee onto the stairs on the way down.

  7. And ya know what foreigners say about LA? They say it’s like no other city in America, yet it could be nowhere else but America.

  8. Eh, most major cities in the southwest US are pretty much like LA to a smaller degree. Aside from differences in climate and topography, its hard to tell the difference between the average neighborhood in Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, Las Vegas (off the strip), etc., from LA. Or at least “Greater LA”, places like Venice Beach and Hollywood are somewhat distinct I suppose.

    I used to commute down the 405 from Sherman Oaks to Westwood every day. The 10 miles too about 50 minutes. Don’t live in LA anymore though so I don’t qualify.

  9. LA? Feh! Long Island with palm trees…

  10. Is it ironic for Reason to get in bed with a couple of guys whose solution to all of the traffic overcrowding is to ship all of the illegals back to their country of origin?

  11. LA? Feh! Long Island with palm trees…

    No way. Long Island doesn’t offer the diversity of experiance options that LA does. Nor does Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, Las Vegas…

    Full Disclosure: I’ve never been to Long Island but I talk to and read folks who have.

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