War on Drugs

This Week in Botched Police Raids


Another isolated incident in Hendersonville, North Carolina:

Sandra Braswell said the officers threw two smoke grenades into her house at 208 N. Oak St. around 1:30 a.m. Saturday while her 16-year-old grandson and six of his friends were having a party on the back porch.

She said the officers, with guns drawn, told the teenagers to get on the floor. When some of the teenagers tried to run, the officers forced them to the ground and pinned their hands behind their backs.

"They didn't show no warrant," she said on Monday. "They didn't have no warrant for this house. They made me lay in the floor, though. I couldn't say nothing, with my hands up in the air and all these kids in here on the floor. One of the kids laying across form me, cop got a gun pointed to his head."

Braswell said the officers made her and her 11-year-old granddaughter get on the floor in the living room. When her granddaughter tried to get up to find her 7-year-old sister, Braswell said an officer told her to get back down on the floor.

Braswell said they were forced to lie on the ground for 10 minutes before the officers got a call realizing their mistake.

And across the pond…

A disabled man was forced out of his bed and made to walk naked in front of officers during a bungled police raid at his home.

Steven Way has told of his humiliation after seven officers smashed their way through his front door in the mistaken belief that a drug dealer lived there. They demanded the sleeping Mr Way get out of bed and the 50-year-old, who suffers with a degenerative bone disease, had to walk naked in front of the officers, some of them female, to get his dressing gown.

On a lighter note…