How to Get Accountability in Public Education


The Reason Foundation's education maven Lisa Snell is over at the L.A. Times website debating charter schools in Los Angeles.

Lisa's many contributions to reason on matters educational.

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  1. My experience with Charter school types (parents, teachers, and administrators) is that they are a bit loony.

    A neighbor a few blocks away was a charter school teacher. His kids were all home schooled. His 16 year old son was basically a thug.

    I know it is all anecdotal, but charterists raise my hackles.

  2. I’ll say it again: You can dicker around with the format of the schools, the hierarchy, bureacracy, etc., but until you pay a competitive wage, you won’t get any kind of teacher you’d want educating your kids.

    Think about it: you graduate high school with a 3.6 GPA, go to college and come out with some awards and a 3.4 GPA. Are you going to go into education and guarantee a submarket wage the rest of your life? Or are you going to go to private business or law school and make real money? I chose the latter out of necessity, and it’s a damn shame.

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