The NY Times Discovers Low-Cost Euro Airlines


Hit & Run stalwart and movie critic extraordinaire Alan Vanneman points to a NY Times article celebrating low-cost airlines in the Old World and notes, "Good bye high-speed trains, hello dirt-cheap planes." From Matt Gross' story:

O easyJet, how I love thee! You may be a big shot, but in your Airbus A319, you treated me like a human being (for 5,950 forints, or 12,350 after taxes and fees, about $68 at 182 forints to $1). You looked the other way at my excess baggage, and though you don't assign seats, you keep them spotless and roomy. Your flight attendants wore chic open-necked orange-and-gunmetal-gray shirts, and your in-flight magazine was professional and informative, with articles on percebes, the Spanish delicacy, and up-and-coming neighborhoods in Toulouse. "Come on," winks your magazine, "let's fly!" With you, baby? Anytime.

Whole thing here.

Former staffer and would-be eurotrasher Matt Welch gave Reason readers the skinny on flying Europe's frugal skies back–and what it meant for America–in January 2005. Read all about it.