Reason Re-Colonizes Wonkette


I'm blogging at Wonkette today and Monday in celebration of the 9 month anniversary of the last time Nick Gillespie and I guest-blogged there. Come over if you enjoy 1)snark, 2)politics, or 3)rickety blog software that leaves typos and double-posts encased in carbonite to be preserved indefinitely.

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  1. rickety blog software that leaves typos and double-posts encased in carbonite to be preserved indefinitely

    Now we know what you guys did with the old Hit and Run server!

  2. But we get snark and politics here.
    Cross-pollenization is too much like incest, and I’m a one-woman man.

  3. a mere 9 months since the manly libertarians of Reason double-teamed Wonkette – who’s the father?

  4. I am.

  5. Wonkette: an unbearable junior-high cafeteria smirking-wussy snarkfest. It’s nerds gossiping in the same vacuous form as “the popular hot kids”, just about far more boring topics. gawker for pretentious political junkies.

    Although whatshername is pretty hot.

    I actually dont really read wonkette, and am being totally unfair, but I am allowed to project my ignorant bigotry here because we’re H&R = disaffected self-important outsiders, roughly the equivilent of the punk kids bitching about the hot popular kids AND the overperforming make-techer-happy nerds

    I’m probably wrong on both accounts, but i think the comparison of blogs to different tables in a junior-high cafeteria to be apt enough to riff with


  6. Wonkette is hard to read for me. Not that I don’t understand much (that has never been a problem for anyone :), just that seeing “POPULAR FRONT” on the top of the page is a bit too scary.

  7. Pretinieks is obviously from the People’s Front.


  8. Reason Re-Colonizes Wonkette

    You know, I don’t think “colonize” is the right term to use, particularly from a libertarian standpoint.

  9. how about “impregnate”?

  10. It just ain’t the same ole Wonkette without the gratitous mentions of assfucking.

    But don’t even bother trying it Weigel. It only worked coming from Ms. Cox.

  11. Honestly, I do know how to spell “gratuitous.”
    I am a libertarian, but my rebellious fingers are anarchists.

  12. Did you wear a cerimonial leather jacket?

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