Joe Don Baker Wept


The Jackson Free Press has updates on Frank Melton, the mayor who likes to accompany cops on raids and drive around threatening people.

On the same night that Melton and his associates allegedly demolished the Ridgeway duplex, they conducted a raid on the Upper Level night club, which Melton has shut down many times in the past. Prosecutors said they had video of Melton carrying a "walking-tall stick" in the club, and Recio and Wright were both carrying MP5 submachine guns, just as witnesses described them at Ridgeway. When Upper Level manager Tonarri Moore refused to stop photographing police as they moved through the club, they arrested him for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and abusive language. They handcuffed Moore and took him outside, witnesses say, where a group of young men filed off the MCC and beat and kicked him, witnesses say, to the point that he had to be taken to the hospital.


Previous Meltonalia here. It's even odds on whether Melton will fill out his term.