Bob Barr Officially Better Than Ann Coulter


Great catch by the American Mind blog:

Did CPAC toss Ann Coulter's gay slur towards John Edwards down the memory hole? For only $100 you can have the "Best of CPAC 2007," a six-DVD set of speakers and panels from this year's conservative confab… Noticably missing is Ann Coulter.

Among the stuff ranked better than Coulter by a panel of druids and former POWs:

—Terrorism: Is Religious Extremism or Secular Extremism the Problem? a lively debate featuring Dinesh D'Souza and Robert Spencer
– Conservative Solutions for Urban America, featuring Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, John McWhorter, Niger Innis and more
– Balancing Individual Rights and National Security, a timely debate featuring Rep. Bob Barr and Professor John Yoo

Let the revisionism train roll on! In six months, Fox News will be reporting that there never was a leggy, gay-bashing blonde pundit and that "Ann Coulter" was actually one of Kurt Vonnegut's pen names.