Medical Marijuana

4/20 Message: Stop Smoking Pot!


A new study confirms that vaporization, which involves heating marijuana to release cannabinoids without burning it, "is a safe and effective mode of delivery of THC." California researchers randomly assigned 18 healthy subjects to inhale vapor from a Volcano brand vaporizer loaded with marijuana of different potencies (1.7, 3.4, and 6.8 percent THC). As expected, the subjects inhaled less vapor from the stronger pot, more from the weaker pot, achieving similar THC blood levels regardless of the cannabis they received. NORML News reports that the subjects absorbed, on average, 54 percent of the released THC, compared to the 20 percent or so typical of smokers, while avoiding the toxins generated by combustion. Health and comfort considerations aside, this marijuana-conserving difference could easily justify the investment in a vaporizer for regular users. The Volcano retails for $540 or so, and there are cheaper competing products, although I don't think Consumer Reports has gotten around to rating them.

In short, vaporization is an appealing alternative for patients (or recreational users) who want the quick action and dose control of smoking without the smoke. Oddly, this option was overlooked in the 1999 National Academy of Sciences report on medical marijuana that called for the development of smoke-free cannabinoid delivery methods, although vaporizers were commercially available at the time. And no, I don't own any stock in Storz & Bickel, the Volcano's manufacturer, although I wish I did.

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  1. Alirghty folks, start posting links to deals on Vaprizers or DIY Vaporizer plans. Personal reviews and opinions are also welcome.

  2. I’m with val. I have a friend that might be interested.

  3. The volcano is not only exorbanately priced, you have to suck off a four foot condom. Go with The Hot Box.

  4. errr…thats right,I forgot that part, Im asking for a friend as well

  5. Buy one today, because soon you’ll have to fill out a form and wait two weeks. And burn the box in the fireplace, so some public-spirited neighbor can’t call the SWATters and provide them with probable cause.

  6. Try the Vaporgenie- $50, works well, no super-fancy lighting mechanisms- uses a ceramic disc to vaporize but essentially is otherwise a “normal” bowl.

  7. hmm thats almost 3 times the thc inhalation of smoking. the vaporizer pays for itself in pot savings!

  8. The vapor brothers model is a good compromise. I don’t know what they’re going for now, but I think I paid $150 for mine. You don’t get the convenience of having a bag full of smoke, so you’re kinda tied to the unit, but I think that adds to the ritual of it all(and 50% of getting high is all about the ritual).

    As for the high… I’d definitely say there’s a difference between smoking and vaporizing. If you’ve ever smoked resin, or to some degree hash, you’re familiar with the body-high that it gives. Vaporizing feels like it’s missing that component – like there’s at least one psychoactive component you’re just not getting. That’s one reason the vaporizer tends to stay in the closet. Also, at least with the vapor bros unit, you have to put a fair amount in to properly fill the bowl. If you’ve got good weed, that means you’re going to get really high.. not good for those quick before-work pick me ups. One last thing – if you accidentally turn the temp up a bit too high(the vapo-bros unit has a manual rheostat temp control) it goes from a smooth, ‘did I even get anything’ hit to a ‘jesus fucking christ I just permanently destroyed my lungs call the fucking doctor’ hit.

  9. Words of wisdom from P Brooks

  10. I’m with Cheech. “Vaping” just doesn’t have the same impact that traditional methods employ. It also requires house hold 110v power and a much larger and unwieldy “kit” to smoke out of.
    Maybe I’m a traditionalist, but the whole process is suspicious to me.

  11. Clearly Jacob is shilling for Big Vaporizer.

  12. Kwix, what is this “Big Vaporizer” you speak of and where might I obtain one?

  13. in college we pretty much only used our vaporizer. It was pretty awesome. Not nearly as harsh but amazingly potent hits. Suprising given the fact that you didn’t feel it.

    I give it my full endorsement

  14. I foresee a scene in “over baked” (possible sequel to “half baked”?) in which the group of friends bust out the sacred vaporizer (i can’t think of a name right now…help me out) and gather round it prior to commencing their hunt for snacks.

  15. Here Might be a good place to start, as far as vaporizer ratings go.


    Seems pricy, but saves money in the long run.

  17. Vapor Warez also makes a good unit, similar to the Vapor Bros.
    I agree, its a more up, mind high, and less down, drowsy, stoned high.

  18. So sad.

    People, we can do better than this!

    I issue a challenge: 99 percent THC absorption levels by 2010!!

  19. hmm thats almost 3 times the thc inhalation of smoking. the vaporizer pays for itself in pot savings!

    I imagine this being said, with a vaguely Australian/British/South African accent, during a late-night infomercial in a parallel universe where pot is legal.

  20. Using a vaporizor can be really annoying and inconvenient. You can ‘vaporize’ your bud with a heatgun though, and still use your normal bong. you just burn the thc off the weed and fill the chamber, without actually burning the weed. i recommend putting ice cubes in your bong so you get a nice cool chamber full of haze.

  21. Hmm. I once obtained some hash oil and heated it with a battery powered soldering iron held in a tube while inhaling.

  22. Saw one in a smoke shop today for 60 bucks, It looked cheap, and I bet it was. No bag, fills up a glass chamber. I seems a very simple process though.

  23. Perfect timing, the sheriff of Orange County California
    says he will ignore the law
    and confiscate all medical marijuana and arrest those in possession. The DA will then set them loose, because they of course have not broken any CA law. Sheriff watches Magnum Force, and gets a great idea for dealing with the degenerates himself.

  24. “In other news, participants in the study have been the target of a series of SWAT raids to send a corrected message on the War on Drugs.”

  25. First off, Volcanoes (sic) kick ass.

    Secondly, this piece is defianately an example of sensible drug policy. Oh, and also of the vaporizer-industrial complex in action.

  26. About ten years ago, High Times ran an article on how evil marijuana users could get more out of their pot. They suggested wetting the pot slightly so as to release the THC with the steam rather than destroying it with fire. I found it does work. I mean…some friends I talked to said they tried it, and it worked for them. They got buzzier or something – you know, whatever them dope smokers get from them there drugs.

  27. I am the decider, but I can’t remember. Lets eat. I am thirsty.

  28. I LOVE vaporizers. I stopped smoking pot about the time this article was written.

    The buzz is MUCH more intense and I swear it’s like I feel the THC in my bloodstream, like how alcoholics do with alcohol.

    I use mine in public, it’s a portable vape called the Iolite. I write reviews for their top vendor @

  29. Regardless of your particular use of the vaporizer, you won’t find matched quality in another brand. The extreme -q is easy to use, effective, durable, and reasonably priced. If you are looking for a vaporizer which features these qualities, then look no further.


  30. Regardless of your particular use of the vaporizer, you won’t find matched quality in another brand. The extreme -q is easy to use, effective, durable, and reasonably priced. If you are looking for a vaporizer which features these qualities, then look no further.


  31. Its great to have such great vaporizer.


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