Please, Won't Somebody Think of the Clintons?


NBC's First Read reports on a would-be blockbuster event that's getting less blockbuster-y by the day.

Rutgers' Center for American Women and Politics has announced that Hillary Clinton has rescheduled her appearance there for this Friday, April 20.

She was to address the center on Monday, but it was cancelled at the last minute because of the floods.

Clinton has had a longstanding invitation to speak at Rutgers, which she acted upon after the Imus controversy. However, given that the Virginia Tech shootings have eclipsed the Imus story, it's unclear whether her speech on Friday will receive the same amount of attention it once had.

Prediction: It will not. Instead, it'll get the attention it deserved in the first place.* All that's left to see is whether Clinton's exploitation-fu can match Obama's.

*"not very much"