Hillary Clinton

Please, Won't Somebody Think of the Clintons?


NBC's First Read reports on a would-be blockbuster event that's getting less blockbuster-y by the day.

Rutgers' Center for American Women and Politics has announced that Hillary Clinton has rescheduled her appearance there for this Friday, April 20.

She was to address the center on Monday, but it was cancelled at the last minute because of the floods.

Clinton has had a longstanding invitation to speak at Rutgers, which she acted upon after the Imus controversy. However, given that the Virginia Tech shootings have eclipsed the Imus story, it's unclear whether her speech on Friday will receive the same amount of attention it once had.

Prediction: It will not. Instead, it'll get the attention it deserved in the first place.* All that's left to see is whether Clinton's exploitation-fu can match Obama's.

*"not very much"

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  1. This is the way the game of politics is played. Maybe if some Libertarians learned the tricks instead of scoffing at them the party wouldn’t be toiling in relative obscurity.

  2. It’s way too early for a drink.

  3. Hillary should be thankful that she had to reschedule. On Monday, about 19 people on that campus would have given a shit that Hillary was there.

    BTW, great Joe Bob Briggs reference, Weigel!

  4. StG,
    Yeah maybe, but that would make us like them, so what would be the point?

  5. Highnumber – it’s 4pm in Berlin…

    plus StG – scoffing (and generous hollering of, “DEMAND KURV”) is what we do when we’re not batin.

  6. David Weigal considers Hillary’s speech important only in the sense that it gives him a chance to point out how unimportant it is.

    It doesn’t deserve much attention in his mind but he admits that he’s interested in it anyway.

    Interesting thought process.

  7. Highnumber,

    The drinking rules are the drinking rules. You have to obey them no matter what time it is.

  8. Sorry, that should be David Weigel

  9. “Please, Won’t Somebody Think of the Clintons?”

    and “batin'” should never, EVER appear together. Bad Moose! Bad, bad, bad.

  10. I suspect that Mrs. Clinton will hatch some new hokie plot for 20 April 2007. Then again, she might have other festivities in mind for Hitler’s birthday.

  11. It isn’t too late for a massacre at Rutgers.

  12. Ms Clinton had better get her campus appearances in before it becomes verboten for her to bring her personal gun-toters along. Although it would be wise to assume Congress will exempt itself from the “Gun Free Campus” legislation which is undoubtedly gathering steam in the cloakroom at this very instant.

  13. Hugo Chavez in a pants-suit.

  14. Hooked on Innuendo considers Weigel’s post important only in the sense that it gives him a chance to troll.

    It doesn’t deserve much attention in his mind but he admits that he’s interested in it anyway.

    Interesting thought process.

  15. No, I readily admit that I found David’s post interesting. That’s why I said it illustrated an interesting thought process. It a variation of “I care enough to let you know how little I care”.

  16. She can always jump on gun control. I bet she has a speech in her library for that as well.

  17. If only Imus had shot several of the women basketball players, these tragic and painful opportunistic reschedulings wouldn’t ever have been necessary.

  18. *bows to DAR’s masterful comment.


    fantastic!!!!! woo hoo!

  19. Buckle up, Hillary. It’s the law in NJ.

    On second thought, don’t bother…

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