Montana Liberaltarians vs. REAL ID


Last week Montana's legislature passed legislation pulling the state out of the REAL ID lineup. The liberal Montana blog Left in the West reports:

The Governor signed a bill opting out of REAL ID today—meaning Montana is not going to be part of the de facto national ID system. The bill passed unanimously. Jon Tester is already on it—calling on the U.S. Senate to listen to the people of Montana. Similar bills are moving elsewhere in the country.

Gov. Brian Schweitzer is a Democrat, and Tester was the burly* Democrat who called for PATRIOT Act repeal in his Senate race last year. I'm genuinely curious about what would happen in the West if the Democrats put up a 2008 candidate who's decent on civil liberties, like Obama or Richardson, and the GOP puts up a war-on-terror-forever candidate like Rudy.

*meaning "fat" he has a big gut.