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Radicals for Capitalism Roadshow Hits Berkeley, California on Sunday


That's the San Francisco Bay Area, frantic ones, easily accessible from Oakland, San Francisco, and other locales. I'll be doing the talking, answering questions, and signing copies of my new book thing again–that book, of course, is Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement.

It's happening Sunday, April 15. I'll be at Cody's bookstore, 1730 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA, starting at 4 p.m. A fine afternoon's outing for all. Free, and about freedom–what could be better?

For those who just like to listen, I'll be talking up the book the next day on San Francisco radio, KGO, 810 on the AM dial, the Pete Wilson Show, on Monday April 16 from 3-4 p.m., pacific time. You can listen live here.

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  1. Berkeley!? Fucking Berkeley!?

    I know you’re down with the useless hippie artist types and all. (BTW have you seen my soap bubbles?) But I’ve heard tales that over in Berkeley they use capitalists as human sacrifices in their new-age rituals. And then, they eat your children alive, and render down their fat for candles.

  2. I understand those are Earth Friendly candles, so not to worry.

  3. Let no one accuse Doherty of preaching to the choir.

  4. Brian – will you be at any bookstores in SF?

  5. did someone say soap bubbles?

    man, i sure do love that formula 409.

  6. Larry—it really is the same metro market. It’s not that hard to get to Berkeley from SF—the bridge will hold! So, uh, no, that’s my only area appearance.

  7. Stereotypes aside, I lived in San Francisco for three years and went to visit friends at Berkeley a lot and probably went to every bar near the campus (it’s possible that I missed a few) Capitalism is alive and well there, it’s just different. All the hippie sellers I saw had credit card machines and would happily sell me anything for the right price. From Guru Blessed Gravity Bongs to credit card holders hand-made by napalese monks (so he told me).

    Capitalism is alive and well in Berkeley if you know where to look.

  8. Bazil,
    So what you’re saying is, hippies are radicals for capitalism? Groovy.


  9. 4th St is the Rodeo Drive of Berkeley, lots of rich liberals making the trip down from the surrounding hills to shop — I avoid the place but may well make an exception Sunday…

  10. Warren: Call them A capitalist though, and I guarantee you will leave their with an organic carrot sticking out of your eye socket. Around those parts, being called a capitalist is worse than being called a nappy-headed ho.

  11. Brian,
    Are you familiar with Pete Wilson?

    He reads Reason but keeps bouncing on the edges of libertarianism. Views himself as, uh independent, perhaps midarchist. He is supportive of that moderate dem/rep fusion thing.

  12. Couldn’t you come down to the South bay. Palo Atlo, Mountain View, or even San Jose where the dark, satanic engines hum ? Oh well, sacrifices must be made … sometimes one must journey to Berkeley …

    PS – Just kidding folks. I love Berkeley. Great palce.

  13. All the hippie sellers I saw had credit card machines and would happily sell me anything for the right price.

    “Anything”? Really?

    I would like to buy Heather Graham. Tipsy. Quite tipsy.

    It’s just what I’m in the mood for now.

  14. Doherty just wants to be featured on that zombie time website.

  15. We’ll see, Brian – there’s a brunch that morning, with many pretty girls sure to be there. I’d hate to miss your reading, so I hope the timing works out.

  16. Couldn’t be more convenient. I live just down the street…on a bus. How Berkeley is that? See you there!

  17. Brian – I haven’t read your book yet (Melissa P has promised me a copy…) but I’m ready and happy to dive into it.

    …that was off the subject. Do you or will you soon have a list posted of your upcoming appearances? I would like to see you and i would be mightily surprised (and happy) to see you here in Bakersfield.

  18. Fred—My next scheduled appearance is in Vegas on May 1. Bakersfield is extremely unlikely, alas.

  19. That’s just silly, Warren.

    They’re vegans. They used tofu formed into the shape of a capitalist these days.

  20. I finished the book last week, and it was excellent.

  21. i would have enjoyed this one (and combined it with a trip to the world’s best grocery store cum freakshow, berkeley bowl), but my irs overlords have me chained to my desk today. hope you get a good turnout!

  22. I am reading the book now. 174 pages in and really enjoying it- in fact, I only got up to make a drink and check email.

    Thanks for the signed copy. (Stephen Gordon arranged for you to send it.)

  23. How great is that! I just had put the book into my Amazon wishlist and was debating how long I should wait before pulling the trigger, and there you are, just a five block walk from my house! You just speeded up my purchase timetable Brian.


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