Nappy Dreadlock in a Babylon


The Don Imus moment is finally earning its Albert DeSalvo-like stranglehold on the headlines: It's produced an honest-to-God Emily Litella moment. HotAir gives us this clip from Red Eye (the other "funny" Fox News show, complementing the 1/2 Hour News Hour), where developmentally-disabled pundit Rachel Marsden completely misses the point of the controversy.

MARSDEN: These women should think, okay, "Nappy." Do I wear a diaper on my head? No. Am I promiscuous? No.
GREG GUTFELD: That's not what it means, Rachel! You're so from Canada!
MARSDEN: That's the thing! I haven't heard one person on this team explain exactly what is so offensive. Except to say "Oh, it's racist."
TIA WILLIAMS: I'm shocked that you don't realize how racist the term "nappy" is.
GUTFELD: Nappy is a racist term, OK. Moving on to the word "Hos."
MARSDEN: It's a British term. It's a British word for diaper.
WILLIAMS: It's an American term for a black woman's hair.
MARSDEN: Maybe to you, because you think that way!

Good stuff if you assume that this is Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens tribute, a Lewis Carroll-esque attempt to confuse the audience.