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Justice Comes to Durham?


No, no one screamed at Coach K for 90 minutes and told him he was worthless and incompetent. Still, pretty big news.

ABC News is reporting that all charges will be dropped against three Duke lacrosse players charged with sexually assaulting a stripper in March 2006. The network cites "sources" close to the North Carolina Attorney General's office which, in January, took over the case from Durham DA Mike Nifong.

Although it is obvious that Nifong has no case—never had a case—it will be very interesting to see how any dismissal is spun by AG Roy Cooper. My money is on a minimal approach, with Cooper refraining from too much criticism of Nifong while possibly loading up on the accuser as unreliable, resulting in a case that could not be won.

Of course Cooper should not only criticize Nifong, but bring charges against the man. But I seriously doubt that happens.

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