More "Thompson for President" News


What was I saying just the other day about "an endless campaign where 'every few days' is going to bring us any number of go-nowhere flashes in the pan" in the context of the Fred Thompson leap for GOP presidential glory? Anyway, now it is former Wisconsin gov and first-term Bush HHS secretary Tommy Thompson's turn. (Note to Tommy: April 1 not the best day to announce second-tier presidential ambitions. And if I'm the April Fool here, apologies in advance to our readers.)

My favorite of his announced positions? An Iraqi government decision on whether or not U.S. troops should stay in Iraq. No, I don't think other countries should in general get to decide on where our military stays or goes–but it shows some daring within the current Bush-dominated Republican context to suggest that the desires of the Iraqi people (if we can assume their elected government reflects them, which is probably a bit of a stretch) should be at least a necessary if not sufficient condition for our continued presence there to make any sense.

OK, I'm grasping at straws here. Disturbing announcement: He'd can Gonzalez, but seems to think his real sin was not being loyal enough to King President. Read the full AP account of the other Thompson's announcement for more.