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Jailed Egyptian Blogger Update


Tom Palmer over at National Review Online sums up the (so far) sad story of imprisoned Egyptian blogger "Kareem" and explains how a loose association of libertarians and civil libertarians have kept up the pressure in medias both new and mainstream, including rallies and letters from U.S. Congress, to get him sprung–arrested merely for offending the sensibilities of Islamists and the Egyptian government. More info at

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  1. Remind me why Egypt is allowed to rape the U.S. taxpayer for $2 billion a year.

  2. Remind me why Egypt is allowed to rape the U.S. taxpayer for $2 billion a year.

    Consider we spend 100 billion a year on Iraq to get a thousand of our troops killed I’d say we’re getting a bargain.

  3. Thanks, Brian. I hope that people follow up on the action agenda at the end of my short essay and send respectful letters to the Egyptian Ambassador. Abdelkareem can be freed, but only if we act to help him. He has been abandoned by his family (his father called for his execution for his remarks about Islam) and he has no one else to stand up for him. Letters on his behalf can make a difference, as can donations to the fund to pay for the campaign to free him (organized and funded so far by college students). The FreeKareem coalition is also providing him food (usually the responsibility of the family) and basic supplies while he is in prison. Even small donations will make a difference, as will letters to Abdelkareem himself. (The organizers are collecting letters to deliver to him when they are able, so he knows that he has not been dropped into a hole and forgotten.)

    We’re also looking for people in cities around the world on April 27 to take part in — or organize! — small rallies on behalf of his freedom. Anyone who wants to take part can click on this:

    More details on how to help are here:

  4. Libertarians and civil libertarians.

    Green branches and green leafy branches.

    That is all.

  5. Dude had an awesome jump-hook, but his kung fu was so fucking bad.

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