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Radicals for Capitalism Roadshow Hits Seattle and Portland: Tonight and Tomorrow


I'll be on the road bringing the good news of my new book Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement to Seattle and Portland today and tomorrow.

First: Today, Tuesday March 27, 7 p.m., University Bookstore, 4226 University Way NE in Seattle, Washington: talking about, answering questions about, and signing the book.

Then: I do the same thing tomorrow, Wednesday March 28, 7:30 p.m., at Powell's Bookstore, 1005 West Burnside, in Portland, Oregon.

Come one, come all. For relentlessly updated news, reviews, appearances, media, interviews related to the book (believe it or not, it doesn't all get mentioned here), see .

NEXT: Happy Fifth, McCain-Feingold!

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  1. Nothing to say about this topic, I’m just going to squat on this here page as my personal blog for the next two weeks. Thanks for the space!

  2. Oh my! Powells, one of two things I miss from my days in Portland.

    The other is Esparza’s – not to be missed Brian (if you like Tex Mex food).

  3. juris imprudent,
    I was here first. If you aren’t going to comment on my blog entries, take it somewhere else. Squatter’s rights, man!

  4. Social Networking Sites

    For the first time I have signed up for two social networking sites: Facebook because Reason started a group and invited all of us, and MySpace because my man Pat Smillie started an account for his band and I needed to login to see some of the stuff he posted.

    I have not put any information on the MySpace page, but already creepy hot ladies from other countries are asking to be my friend because they liked my profile.

    Facebook delved into my email address books and found the people I know there. Three people. I am a little old for this stuff.

    Next time, I will talk about my child and my dog, because besides non-events in my life, that’s what a blog is for, right?

    This blog will close in two weeks.

  5. Blog Entry as Promised Earlier

    The wife has to work late, so I picked the boy up tonight. Seven minutes late, so that’ll cost $7.00. The boy had his picture taken with the Easter bunny at day care today. He’s turning one tomorrow. Big party on Saturday. We’re expecting close to 60 people. Don’t tell him – it’s a surprise party!
    The dog had peed in the house when I got home. She’s 15 or 16 years old, beyond punishment. Every day, we thank Lord Satan that she’s still with us, the sweet thing.

  6. St Louis style pizza

    As if!

  7. Weird Thread Phenomena

    You get a group of people initially commenting on one topic, then on each other’s comments, then the conversation organically turns to other tangentially related topics, THEN, out of nowhere, some new people show up and start talking about all sorts of other stuff that they were talking about elsewhere that have nothing to do with any of the topics at hand. It’s as if some sort of brawl spilled out of a bar, into the street, then into a another bar.

  8. /./././././././././././.


  9. Blog Maintenance

    Can any of my readers help me install one of those word-reading things so crazy spam-bots can’t leave comments here?

  10. People Like Us!

    Blog’s had some good reactions.
    Maybe Andrew Sullivan will link to us!

  11. i’m gonna beat the shit outta you, highnumber… i’m gonna beat the shit outta you WITH highnumber as a matter of fact.

    so, like. how about those dinosaur comics?

  12. Oh yeah, Tough Guy?

    I seem to have rubbed Mr Steven Crane the wrong way.

  13. Currently Listening To

    Art Brut Live at Schuba’s

  14. The First in a Series of Exciting Developments!

    Guy Montag posted a comment that linked to a comment that referenced a comment that he was a voice in a video game!

    More on Guy Montag as circumstances warrant.

  15. so highnumber.

    superdawg vs. the weiner’s circle?

  16. That’s a heavy question.
    On one hand, the kitschy traditional mom & pop drive-up and, on the other, the in-your-face catering-to-a-drunk-crowd latenight joint.
    What does my decision say about me? Am I a traditionalist or a lout? I feel I am neither, although a survey of those who know me would probably skew towards “lout.” My decision, however, is easy. If I have ever eaten a dog from the Weiner’s Circle, I don’t remember it. I can specifically recall eating at Superdawg twice.

  17. Question for you, Mr. Steven Crane

    Abbey Pub, Schuba’s, or FitzGerald’s?

  18. schuba’s, no doubt. abbey pub is where i will be seeing tapes ‘n tapes next week, though.

    where is fitzgerald’s?

  19. FitzGerald’s Nightclub
    It’s stumbling distance from my house.
    I associate the three venues because they often book the same Americana bands, although FitzGerald’s focuses almost exclusively on country, blues, bluegrass, zydeco, rockabilly, and jazz. The other two, of course, have modern rock as well. The most modern rock you’ll hear at FitzGerald’s is probably the Waco Bros, who seem to play there every other month.

  20. Bunch of Lousy Jerks

    These guys are so MEAN!

    Neener back at them!
    JERKS! Who needs them anyway?

  21. Watch This Space for THE LIST

    You don’t want to be on it.

  22. When I first read your People Like Us! header, it took me a half minute of looking for the Talking Heads / True Stories reference in the post to figure out you meant the Sally Fields meaning of “like.”

    Also, 24 is the highest number there is. (Scroll about half way down.)


    have you ever heard the Al Day trio or Sons of the Neverwrong?

  24. Heard of. Don’t know if I have heard. They look familiar and it sounds like the musicians play with other bands too.

  25. Old Style is the best beer you can get in Chicago.

  26. Old Style rawks!!!! I picked up a 30 pack last night for the party. I’ll need more.
    If I am drinking a cheap beer, Old Style all the way. That is not the same as “the best beer you can get in Chicago.”

  27. Damn, Nicka Fett escaped from Frightened Parents System.

  28. de stijl,

    That song was in my head after I wrote that, too.
    Gonna make it because…

  29. THE LIST

    joe & merkinkind
    Guy Montag

    More to come…

  30. ahem.

    moose: stiegl is good beer for sure, though i am certain that i’ve had better in chicago. many beers of the unibroue family, for instance.

    now, the best cheap beers, as i’m concerned, are:

    miller high life
    old style

    PBR is conspicuously absent; it’s bitter and i’m not a fan.

  31. Aren’t PBR and Old Style the same beer?
    I thought they were.

  32. THE LIST

    Foie Gras haters
    Everyone who voted for the DOMA
    People who say rap or hip hop is not music

    More to come…

    I’m not good at this. Suggestions will be taken into consideration.

  33. wait a sec.

    what is this … list for?

  34. For?
    It’s for putting people on when they displease me.
    That or they’re all invited to the party. I forget which.
    I’m of half a mind to take you off just so I can put you on for asking.

  35. THE LIST

    Mr F Le Mur

  36. highnumber, you are soooo petty. (Next on the list, Audrey B.) Seriously, that’s the kind of thing middle school (public middle school) girls do, and you’re (I think) a grown man. To be fair, if the intertubes are good for anything, it’s the facilitation of childish behavior.

  37. I think you’re begging to go on the list. Just to spite you, I will NEVER put you on the list.
    So, there!

  38. ooooh, diss!

    and old style and PBR are NOT the same beer. old style was originally brewed by the g. heileman brewing company, la crosse wisconsin – PBR was always pabst.

  39. This list has been listjacked

    We will now make lists of things that would be good to list.


  40. puppies
    ice cream

  41. brunch at Wishbone (mmm…andouille hash)

  42. Any Metalheads Reading This?

    I don’t have any metal on my iPod. I’m going to add one metal album immediately. What is the one metal album that I should own? So far, I am trying to pick between

    Join the Army
    How Will I laugh Tomorrow…
    Master of Puppets
    Among the Living

    All of which I have owned or own in some non electronic format.
    Which one of those, or any other suggestions?

    I’ve already left a message for the King of Metal.

  43. This blog has gone to hell…

  44. You’re saying you had high hopes? I squat on a comment page for a bit of a laugh and you thought it would go somewhere? Golly, life’s got to be a huge disappointment for you! 😉
    F-U, and help me pick a metal album already!

  45. Exclude Metallica…just for the whole copyright thing…

  46. I’m going to wait to hear from the King of Metal.
    I figure since I know him, I can’t pass up the opportunity for his counsel on this matter.

  47. Man, that would suck to be locked up for being sick. However:

    1. Can he simply agree to wear the mask in order to be let go?

    2. Why is he being treated so inhumanely? You would think that the sick would be treated a little better…

  48. 1. He gets some sort of hearing about getting out, right?

    2. Maybe he’s also a total prick.

  49. The King of Metal Has Spoken

    If I had to choose out of those four, I would say to get Puppets and Among the Living. Puppets is widely regarded as Metallica’s masterpiece (though I prefer Justice), and Among the Living is one of a handful of Anthrax’s best albums. Both classics, though, for sure.

    Also, I would recommended Apple Maggot Quarantine Area. Great LP.

    I went for Among the Living. I am more of an Anthrax guy than a Metallica poseur.

    It turns out he was joking about Apple Maggot Quarantine Area. I had passed along an LP to him years ago that someone had pawned off on me.

  50. Speaking of Metallica – Check out this neat little story

  51. “She’s decisive and she knows what she wants.”

    At six months old?
    Sure, I guess they know what they want then. They want to eat, they want to sleep, they want their diapers changed. Sometimes they want something else. They may know what it is, but we can only guess. Maybe when my boy was crying for no obvious reason he really wanted to be renamed “Metallica.” (or would that be “Metallico” for a boy?)

  52. This just in, Wallonian officials have refuted allegations of plans to introduce a tax on barbequing in their Belgian French-speaking region.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

  53. Thanks for the update, Jimmy!

  54. Ya know, I have real issues when the only definitive source on the Wallonian Insurrection is a site hosted in Russia. Just sayin’.

  55. Even regarding a story about Walloons?

  56. Strange Spam That I Get Because of Hit & Run (I think)

    The Antique Cannabis Museum
    I haven’t unsubscribed because the first message was so friendly, and the website is pretty interesting. Since he isn’t selling me anything, maybe spam is the wrong word. It was initially unsolicited, so whadyacallit?

    Jewish Dating Websites
    In Hebrew!

    Christian Media Updates
    I can’t figure this one out.

    Streetdrug Educators
    It looks like they are selling videos, posters, etc. that are ostensibly for police and educators, but are really for drug users.


    it’s pretty freakin self explanatory. okay.

    now hear this:

    “Teachers drop the Holocaust to avoid offending Muslims” by Laura Clark


    “Germany moves to regulate kebab industry” by J. Fleishman (assume his name is a coincidence and not a pun).

    Regulation loves company, I guess!

  59. In order to make this blog more mainstream, we need a commenter to pop in with the “voice for school choice” agenda…anybody?


    Is now, after a horribly painful procedure involving old scissors, some gauze, a set of 40 weight ball bearings, some cheez whiz, the rubber tubing used to force feed the Noam Chomsky blow up doll, a copy of “Yank My Doodle (It’s a Dandy)”, and the pop up book, “Kanabiis presents wit and wisdom”, … silent

  61. IT’S tough to look masculine in a hairnet and booties, even if you’re carrying a very sharp knife toward a slab of meat swinging on a warehouse hook.

    So I did a google image search for

    masculine hairnet booties knife meat hook

    The results are surprising and SFW.

  62. Someone is Delighted!

    in Dallas!

    Me too!

  63. Are you in Dallas too? Are you running for mayor?

    Do you think there might be enough of us here to actually meet in the flesh?

  64. I’m not in Dallas. The Delighted One is.

  65. So, highnumber, do you have a campaign manager on board yet? You only have a few more days to get all of this done.

  66. No. I have no idea what to do.

    This campaign has gone to hell…


    Dateline: Buffalo Grove

    Roving Reporter Mr. Steven Crane has uncovered evidence he claims will, “blow the lid off of contemporary current-day politics as we know them presently, today!”

    Apparently, Highnumber has been found eating Arbys (brand) BBQ porkbeeftrout sandwiches while watching the Lifetime Network.

    Also seen throughout this culinary cacaphony of cuisine chaotic carnage was an empty bag of cheetos. Was BATING involved, too?

    Mr. Crane is unavailable for comment. We have it on authority, that although he is not interested in celebrating JC’s run in with the BIG T, he apparently is back in SIU land in Carbondale.

    More as details of this sorry, sullied, sad story become available.

    This is roving reporter, signing off.


    [sobbing] ruined! i’m ruined!

    [steeling himself] No. This won’t finish me. I must be Mayor of Dallas. It is my destiny. Yes, politics is a dirty business, and I’m the dirtiest s.o.b. there is.

    My fellow Americans, I have made mistakes in the past. I have learned from my errors. Indeed, I sank so low as to eat the BBQ “meat” sandwiches I found in the dumpster behind ARBY’S. I am sorry that you are offended. I let my loyal wife down. I let my loving family down. Most of all, I let you, the American People, down. I betrayed your trust.
    I am entering a treatment facility immediately.

    (I’ll go to rehab! HA HA HA HA HA!)


    ha! PAYBACK! THAT WAS FOR LAURA, V the K, MIKE B, EVER_FALLING, Joe (with capital J), Joe Baby, dawnsblood, and all the countless millions (!) who now are reveling in this crushing defeat!

    Question: what is your stance on sex with furniture?

  70. I’m in rehab. You can’t touch me.
    Nyah nyah nyah!

  71. sex with furniture? I know a few girls that like to polish knobs, etc…probably a few guys, too.. :/



    This just in. Highnumber has had the group therapy session attendees liquidated because they were “insolent”. Apparently nobody else wanted to enjoy the exhilaration of the shorn scrotum.

    Noam Chomsky was returned in a partially soiled, seemingly punctured state. It will be force fed 64 lbs of stuff until it becomes foie gras (for Arbys).

    This is the roving reporter. signing off.

  73. Rehab Step One

    I must admit that I am powerless over rock stars’ cremated parents. My life has become unmanageable.


  75. Hey VM,

    Where can I find a woman like that?

  76. I Am Starting A New List

    This list is for people or things that I like that other people malign and I don’t understand why.

    The Economist
    George Will

    more to come

  77. Can I be on a list? Please, put me on a list. My life has so little meaning right now.

  78. Oops. Never mind. I did have a beer left.

  79. violent_k’s Shopping List


  80. Mr. Moose Denies Bating Addiction. Apologizes for Friday

    Dateline: Chicago

    The Roving Reporter has just spoken with a spokesman for Mr. V. Moose about his angry outburst at an innocent bystander yesterday.

    “Mr. Moose apologizes for such awful behavior. He does, however, categorically deny that his erratic actions, including yelling at a poster, has anything to do with an alleged bating addition.”

    “He reassures that he has not bated in quite a whil… a long ti… is not bating now”

    “Instead, he claims that he let a bad day get to him, and for that he issues a heartfelt apology. Hiding behind an excuse of bating or any other affliction would be dogding responsibility for his bad behavior. He will not do that. Instead, he acknowledges that he has no excuse and apologizes”

    “When told that poster Biologist described the behavior as, ‘disappointing’, Mr. Moose can only agree. ‘Disappointing’, he nodded, with antlers drooped in an apologetic bow, ‘Mr. Biologist is correct. Actually, he was charitable’.”

    “When asked if he will be seeking treatment for excess bating, he again denied that bating had anything to do with yesterday’s behavior.”

    This is the roving reporter signing off.

  81. Highnumber,
    If you are taking Easter off from blogging, can I guest blog for you?

  82. Blog away, violent_k.


    I hope things have improved for you.
    Remember – Jesus is dead right now, but he’ll be back tomorrow with chocolate!

  83. violent_k,

    One thing I ask:
    Please link to the blog often. I think that’s how I get paid for this.

  84. High#:


    a good run, good night’s sleep, and a successful logit regression cures all!

    WTF with the Pelosi thread, btw?


    lemme know if you need the roving reporter to check stuff out. Since I’m not batin… since I nev rarel am not batin now, holler out if you need a hand!

    mmm. chocolate. What about the part where Paul Revere rides the easter bunny through town?

  85. Pelosi thread:

    “Are you now or have you ever been a commenter at LGF?!”


    LGF bona fides are a good thing?

  86. What about the part where Paul Revere rides the easter bunny through town?

    I thought Paul Revere was an insurance agent. I was unaware of his association with the Easter Bunny. I may not be well enough informed to guest blog here.

  87. VM,
    Could you look into the global warming thing? It sure is cold in Cleveland this weekend.

  88. My daughter says Paul Revere was French. Figures.

  89. They should rename it “Piling on Mona.”

    I perceive very little difference between the liberal and the conservative invaders when they arrive to comment. The most significant difference is that liberals try to paint us as heartless, naive bastards while the conservatives try to convince us that we are really like them, only soft-headed and naive.

    What a bunch of maroons!

  90. I May Have A New Favorite Restaurant

    I’ll let you know once I’ve eaten there.
    Here‘s the dinner menu in PDF.
    or for any moose reading this:


    After you check the menu, maybe you’re wondering why I am craving Maldivian fusion cuisine. Take a look.
    How cool is that? and why has no one done that before?

    Hat tip to Snopes.

  91. I Think I’m In Love!

    I don’t think my wife will like him.

  92. oshit. it’s me, guestblogging again!

    i’d like to give a shout-out to my loyal niggaz: VM, hi-#, dhex, this one’s for you.

    have a movie clip!


  93. whoa whoa whoa.

    it seems in my absence controversy and scandal has erupted!

    gentlemen, this is nothing more than Batinggate!

    a number of prominent individuals have been implicated in ongoing ‘bating. this is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

    the key pieces of evidence: a filthy, dog-eared copy of “heather has two mommies”, a pirated version of peter tosh’s “legalize it”, and, most tellingly, a 1988 kankakee high school yearbook.

  94. “violent_k | April 8, 2007, 12:09am | #
    Could you look into the global warming thing? It sure is cold in Cleveland this weekend.”

    sure. I can assure you that growing up in Chagrin Falls, it was only cold when it was supposed to be 🙂

    “I May Have A New Favorite Restaurant”

    I’ll be in my bunk.

    (but not ‘batin.)

    “that had to hurt”

  95. Schadenfreude. Definitely. How much of a tax break is your house getting?

    The Roving Reporter has been out (acknowledging there are still three more nights of Passover) this morning, pounding his pu the pavement.

    He came across this little tale of schadenfreude (just a little).

    While there are no more details, it basically comes down to this:


  96. Courtesy of Schaffer the Darklord:

    Night of the Living Christ

    Only 349 days til Easter 2008!

  97. Well, fellas, too bad the cardinal didn’t fracture his hip whilst f*cking sharks after snorting an 8 ball of coke. That would have made for an interesting weekend.

  98. APRIL 9: Quite the Mixed Bag

    193 – Septimius Severus is proclaimed Roman Emperor by the army in Illyricum (in the Balkans).

    475 – Byzantine Emperor Basiliscus issues a circular letter (Enkyklikon) to the bishops of his empire, supporting the Monophysiste christological position.

    1413 – Henry V is crowned King of England.

    1440 – Christopher of Bavaria is appointed King of Denmark.

    1682 – Robert Cavelier de La Salle discovers the mouth of the Mississippi River, claims it for France and names it Louisiana.

    1770 – Capt James Cook discovers Botany Bay in Australia

    1865 – American Civil War: Robert E. Lee surrenders the Army of Northern Virginia (26,765 troops) to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, effectively ending the war.

    1940 – Nazi Germany attacks Denmark and Norway. Denmark surrenders

    1986 – The government of France rules against the privatization of French automaker Renault.

    1989 – April 9 tragedy in Tbilisi, Georgia: An anti-Soviet demonstration was quashed by the Soviet army.

    1991 – Georgia declares its independence from the Soviet Union.

    2003 – Baghdad, Iraq falls to American forces.

    2005 – HRH Charles, Prince of Wales weds Camilla Parker Bowles.

  99. Are you shitting me? It was only 27 years from Henry V’s coronation until the start of Christopher of Bavaria’s reign? They were practically contemporaries. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I had no idea.

  100. Also a movie release: I’M GONNA GIT YOU, SUCKA

  101. Word of the Day

    co?in?ci?dence (k?-?n’s?-d?ns, -d?ns’)

    1. The state or fact of occupying the same relative position or area in space.
    2. A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged.

  102. The Word of the Day Has Been Canceled

    Until further notice.
    I got way too bored with that word way too quickly.

  103. New word of the day: Exacerbate.

    ex?ac?er?bate (?g-z?s’?r-b?t’) pronunciation
    tr.v., -bat?ed, -bat?ing, -bates.

    To increase the severity, violence, or bitterness of; aggravate.

    Excessive ‘bating only exacerbates the loss of vision.

  104. no loss of vision
    why is there hair growing there
    new mehair mittens.

  105. Is anyone here interested in Formula 1?

    (VM, “Formula 1” is not a lubricant)

  106. *ooh. (wonders what was in that bottle)*

    Was exposed to tons of Formula one back when I lived in Copenhagen. Between the Danish announcer that hadn’t clue one about the goings on (being consistent with their quality of reporting) and the hypernationalistic (Michael Schumacher) ARD or ZDF commentary, I never got into it.

    So, what part of Cleveland are you from? (already said where I was from)

    Although I do have a “very special Jackie Stewart Sex toy”…. no I don’t. That was a joke.

  107. Is Formula 1 the racing with the really rich Eurotrash?
    If so, it’s better than NASCAR and Indy, but that’s damning with faint praise.

    Is anyone here interested in faint praise?

    (VM, I did not say “taint praise.”)

  108. First off, that would be a “very special Sir Jackie Stewart Sex toy”.

    I’m in the fine city of Eastlake. If you ever fly over, I’m the guy with all the dead SAAB’s in the back yard. If come in for a visit let me know.

    Back to the F1:
    The first six laps of the Sunday race were amazing. The next 50 laps were the typical snore fest. Lewis Hamilton is the next Mikey. I wish the media would ignore his blackness and concentrate on his awesomeness. It must really suck to be the first “colored” to do anything. Hamilton has the same problem as Obama. He’s half Caribbean and half English. Making him black.

  109. bitch needs a proofreader, don’t he?

  110. *looks up. what. what is it this time? it likes words of encouragement. And to be called, “Frederica the Dancing Taint”*

    Eastlake, huh. Lake effect much?

    Did you know that Smacky is from West Geauga?

    I knew some people who grew up in the Mentor-on-the-lake area. But that’s a long time ago…

    “It must really suck to be the first “colored” to do anything”

    indeed it seems the case.

    but the Sir Jackie Stewart Sex toy likes it’s Formula 1 lube and some light electrical current to the taint.


    /kicks Noam

  111. “Then one day something makes you want to kill…”

    Neither a human heart nor a human blastocyst has a brain, or a consciousness, etc.

    Okay. An unconscious infant then.

    “…Muscle Beach is now Pork Chop Hill.”

    Willfully, painfully, stupidly stupid.

  112. (It’s Actually “The Noonday Sun Makes You Want to Kill”)

    However, I prefer it the way I heard it first.

  113. This Blog Will Self-Destruct in 1:30:00

    It’s been a blast.

    Friday, be ready for Opposite Day.


    You single handedly kept the flag of liberty active in the HnR archives.

    We all thank you, and we will be erecting a statue in your honor shortly

  115. Statue of the venerable sir highnumber HERE.

    Thanks for all the fond mammaries!

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