City, Sue Thyself


If you want to visit the sites of Peter Jackson films or moments in Split Enz history, do it fast, before New Zealand's state cannibalizes itself:

Waitakere City Council successfully prosecuted itself last week in the name of even-handed administration of regulations after it failed to get consents to move six houses.

In Waitakere District Court the council was fined $4800 and ordered to pay $780 court costs and will pay the money—aside from the court's 10 per cent share of the fines—to itself.

Via Samizdata.

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  1. *SPROINK*

    Is this like crossing the streams?

  2. Hah. I like that.

    Governments should sue themselves way more often.

  3. What exactly did they plan on getting out of this lawsuit? Why not just reprimand or fire those individuals that caused the problems?? wtf??

  4. Split Enz…Now there’s a concert I would like to see.

  5. Smacky,

    Crowded House (half of the original Split Enz) begins their comeback tour at the Coachela Festival next month. They usually slide a couple of Enz’ tunes into their sets.

  6. d,

    Yeah, I knew Crowded House is playing Coachella this year. I wasn’t aware that they still performed Split Enz songs, though. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to fly cross-country and pay hundreds of dollars for a ticket to see them.

    Have you seen Crowded House, then?

  7. But when is the U.S. government going to bust itself for selling porn?

  8. Samcky,

    Saw ’em once years ago. Thought briefly about Coachella as an anniversary trip, then saw how much lodging would cost (in addition to the $250 event tickets, plus airfare and rental car). My wife doesn’t camp, and it was going to be more than 2 grand for the whole trip. Not to mention, a fat, bald, 40-year old would likely look out of place (and so would I).

  9. Smacky,

    I recommend Ted Leo’s version of the Split Enz “Six Months in a Leaky Boat,” especially live.

    I saw the Split Enz in April or May 1981 at Painter’s Mill outside of Baltimore, with the little-remembered Urban Verbs opening. It was memorable only because it was the first show I drove to after getting my driver’s license.

    Ted is cheaper, better, easier to catch.

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