Is the Surge "So Far, So Good" or "So Far, SNAFU"?


The Wash Times reports, you decide: Is the Surge working in Iraq?:

"I think that the way I would characterize it is 'so far, so good,' " [Defense Secretary Robert] Gates said yesterday during an appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation." "It's very early. … But I would say that the Iraqis are meeting the commitments that they have made to us, that they have made the appointments, the troops that they have promised are showing up."…

[Rep. John] Murtha [D-Pa.] also disputed reports of cooperation by Iraqi security forces. "There's only 50 percent of them showing up. That's the problem. They said 86 percent in the first couple weeks of this redeployment, and now it's only 50 percent of them showing up."

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The AP reports, via Forbes, that "violence has receded slightly" in Baghdad. Read about that and recent attacks here.