And Don't Be Surprised if Jack Dempsey is in the White House; Cardinal O'Connor, Secretary of the Treasury; Spike Milligan, Minister of Education; Tommy Makem, Secretary of Fine Arts; and Miss Enya, the First Lady


St. Patrick's Day comes early for one Democratic pol:

US Presidential hopeful Barack Obama can now count himself as one of the millions of Americans with Irish heritage.

Research by the genealogy website ancestry.co.uk reveals that Mr Obama's great great great grandfather was born in Ireland, although it is not yet known where….

If Mr Obama gets elected, he would be the first multiracial US president in history—and join a long list of those with Irish ancestry including Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and of course, John F. Kennedy.

No word on how this will affect the senator's ongoing black-off with Republican stooge Al Sharpton. Coming soon: The Clinton campaign leaks a dubious report that Obama was educated in a shady IRA bar.