Ron Paul

Paul Defeats Huckabee!


CNN's new election poll, which quizzed 401 Republicans on their choice for 2008, came up with these results:

Rudy Giuliani—34
John McCain—18
Newt Gingrich—9
Mitt Romney—9
George Pataki—3
Jim Gilmore—2
Sam Brownback—2
Chuck Hagel—2
Ron Paul—2
Mike Huckabee—1
Tom Tancredo—1
Tommy Thompson—1
Duncan Hunter—*

Rep. Ron Paul is at 2 percent, in the middle of the second tier of candidates. Remember a few weeks back when Pajamas Media scraped Paul off their straw poll ballot?

This weekly poll has been updated to those national candidates of both parties that score at least one percent on the most recent Gallup Poll.

CNN doesn't partner with Gallup any more, and Gallup doesn't include Ron Paul (it includes George Pataki, Newt Gingrich and Chuck Hagel, who are not running). So the network joins the American Research Group, ABC News/WaPo, and WNBC/Marist in finding a low, but persistent, level of support for the congressional libertarian.

PJM really needs to find a way to block cheaters and then reinstate Rep. Paul. Including all candidates in the race is sort of the point of straw polls.

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  1. As a lefty pinko liberal, I’ll give Ron Paul slack for simply not having a press conference announcing that he will have a future press conference announcing his bid for the presidency.

  2. This topic is getting tiresome.

  3. On the other hand, that’s 8 people. Seriously, a 400 person poll?

  4. I think it’s a stretch (to the say the least) that 2% places one in the “middle of the second tier”.

  5. Suck on that Huckabee, Tancredo and Thompson!

    Dudes, when the libertarian darling is polling better than you it’s time to hang it up.

  6. Unsure – 17

    I thought his name was Not Sure…

  7. The entire “second tier” is close enough that the margins of error overlap. Ah, well, we’ve already started the 2008 campaign, why not look at largely meaningless polls.?

  8. Really, guys. This reeks of desperation, like me at my prom. No one needs that again.

    No one.

  9. I keep seeing the “lives-under-a-rock” wing of the Republican Party stumping for a Paul-Tancredo ticket.



    They would tell you to stop giggling.

  10. I’m not even running, and I’m within the margin of error of two thirds of the field.

    de stijl fever. Catch it!

  11. I’ll admit, if the Dem primary is pretty much decided by the time Illinois primary comes around, Ill be voting for Paul in the GOP primary instead

  12. This thing really is wide open, every bit as much, if not more so, than the Democrats’ 1992 contest was. Giuliani, McCain, and Romney all face substantial hurdles, Gingrich’s negative ratings are off the chart, and after that, who the hell knows what might happen?

    No, that doesn’t mean that Paul has a chance.

  13. de stijl fever. Catch it!

    My boss caught that in Houston last week. He lost seven pounds because he couldn’t hold anything down for three days.
    No thank you.

  14. highnumber,

    That wasn’t de stijl fever; that was Mondrianitis.

  15. “Viacom’s suit is the most aggressive move so far by an old-line media company against the highly popular but legally questionable practice of posting copyrighted media content online.”

    It would be more accurate to say that Viacom’s most is the most aggressive move against the profitable practice of hosting videos, a large portion of which are posted by consumers who post copyrighted content.

  16. Ooops. Wrong forum. Guess I been runnin’ ’round.

  17. I’m still waiting for PJM to open up their election poll forum, but I’m rather sure that after the old thread on the polls was completely filled with people bitching about Ron Paul being left off that they are working around the clock on a “Ron Paul” filter.

  18. I HATE Huckabee.

  19. Well, if Paul can pick up those 17 unsures, he’ll be tied with McCain!

  20. That wasn’t de stijl fever; that was Mondrianitis.


  21. David Weigel – what makes you so certain there were any cheaters in the first place?

    Sounds like a lame excuse on PJM’s part to me…

  22. I am not quite sure why PJM have a problem with Ron Paul. It annoyed me when they left him off their poll.

  23. Only 20 months to go.

  24. VM | March 13, 2007, 5:07pm | #

    Unsure – 17

    I thought his name was Not Sure…

    VM, you’re thinking of Bob Dole… oops! Sorry, I was thinking of Depends.

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