The Democratic House vs. the War


House Democrats come out with toughest talk yet on winding down in Iraq:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she will include a deadline for troop withdrawal by August 2008 — or sooner, if Iraqis can't resolve sectarian differences — in a bill to provide funding for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid signaled he would follow suit by seeking a vote on a similar measure that would set a target of March 2008 for most combat troops to be out.

It is very unlikely to pass the Senate–and besides, as the USA Today report notes, "The White House immediately threatened a veto. Dan Bartlett, a senior presidential adviser, told reporters traveling with the president to Latin America that Bush will reject any legislation that sets dates for troop withdrawal."

Past Reason reporting and analysis on the Democrats and their gumption to stop the war from David Weigel and from me.