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Manhattan Alert: Last Chance Tonight on Radicals for Capitalism Fun


For those of you who won't be celebrating at our Happy Hour in D.C. tonight with most of the rest of the Reason staff this evening because you just think you live too far from D.C., don't despair: denizens of New York and the greater New York metro area have an opportunity for Reasonish gathering, entertainment, and enlightenment this evening as well.

I'm appearing tonight, Thursday March 8, at 7 pm at the Manhattan Barnes and Noble at Astor Place, on 8th Street between Broadway and Lafayette to talk about, read from, answer questions about, and sign my new book Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement. All Hit and Runnites, please say hello and flash your Hit and Run gang signs.

An excerpt from the book about Milton Friedman from Reason's March issue here; dedicated news and reviews site here.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In the original post I said 8th AVE. instead of 8th Street, an idiotic mistake by someone who is a stranger in Manhattan. It is in fact 8th Street where you will find the Barnes and Noble, between Broadway and Lafayette, Astor Place.

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  1. All Hit and Runnites, please say hello and flash your Hit and Run gang signs.

    How do I make the H&R gang sign?

  2. You hit someone and you run. No, wait, that’s what the cops do…

  3. What will you be wearing?

  4. I thought it was raising your hand when Doherty says, “Who knows who Szasz was?”

  5. Warren–Im hoping the spontaneous order of the free market will come up with one…

  6. Im hoping the spontaneous order of the free market will come up with one…

    Ah yes, the ol’ one finger salute. Ya can’t go wrong with the classics.

  7. Isn’t a “spontaneous order” what cops issue?

    Sorry, can’t shake the latest SWAT team item.

  8. Highnumber—still torn between the tux with no bow tie or the coat and vest with no shirt….you’ll have to come out and see….

    JD–Were you there last night? Did we talk?

  9. Actually, you use right hand and make the west side sign, but with your fingers pointing down so it makes an M, then you use your left hand with your thumb pointing down with your index and pinky finger extended so it forms a reverse F (which is more street).

  10. Wear a cap that has “Rad” on the front.

    (Or if you’re a crappy ’70’s rock fan, “Fog.” Or if you’re a wanker, “Ass.”)

  11. RadHat?

  12. Rad Cap (Radicals for Capitalism)

    (Or “Free” if you’re into that South Park episode about re-issued Star Wars movies and chodl molesters.)

  13. All the kewl kids spell child as chodl nowadays.

  14. Cowtown Ohio, anyone? Reason-ish gathering?

  15. I think you mean astor place, which is near 8th street. The store as far as I can tell is between broadway and 3rd avenue. In any case i’m going to that store so you better be there

  16. that last post was in reference to the post saying it was near 8th avenue

  17. I think we should revive the ‘high sign’ from Our Gang’s ‘He-Man Woman-Hater’ club :)E

  18. 8th STREET yes, dammit. I am a poor stranger who don’t know his way around Manhattan. Post fixed.

  19. Is it near the Cube?

  20. Come on people, give Brian a break, screw the 8th whatever. Brian did say Astor Place and there is only one Astor Place! 🙂 Look for the cube!!

    Technically, it’s not on 8th street either, It’s on Astor Place which is one block south of 8th Street. Kmart is on 8th Street.

    Yes, finfangfoom, it’s near the cube.

  21. Brian – Yes, I was there last night, although I got there late and had to stand in the far corner of the room. We did not get to speak; I was too busy talking to pretty girls, I’m afraid. (We shared a laugh over “Dog-Beating Guy”.) Not sure if you were there to see it, but I was the one who danced briefly in the middle of the bar with the short girl with the dark frizzy hair – we were doing our part to violate the cabaret laws. That also means I did not buy a book, I have to admit…but I have a birthday coming up, and I promise to put RadCap on my list!

    People, Brian is indeed a very engaging speaker and a deep fount of knowledge on figures and events both minor and major – hearing him extemporaneously explain libertarian opposition to the US involvement in WWII was most enlightening. So definitely go see him if you get a chance.

    And one more thing, Brian – there was a mention of a debate on classical music on April 4th. Where was that supposed to be? Also at Lolita?

  22. I too was there and I must say, if you ever get the chance to hear Brian speak, do so. He reminds me of Lewis Black.

    BTW, did anyone talk with “Dog-Beating Guy” afterwards?

    JD, I’m almost positive that the classical music debate will be at Lolita. There was an e-mail list.

  23. Thanks, Puffopadrino. Lolita’s ‘net presence seems to be very limited, so I wasn’t sure.

    I know that DBG did stick around for a while, although I didn’t talk to him. Based on the five minutes we heard him speak, I thought he seemed like basically an OK sort; he was certainly sincere in his concerns, if not exactly overflowing with trust in his fellow man. It’s just that it’s so easy to parody him, since he was so ready to parody us.

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