Live from CPAC


I'm at the Conservative Political Action Conference in DC right now; here are a few of the more entertaining snapshots.

Yes—the Libertarian Party is seated next to the fun-loving American Protectionist.

The Romney Flipper! A man in a dolphin suit with a T-shirt reading "Mitt Romney: Just Another Flip-Flopper from Massachusetts" danced through the exhibit hall dispensing high-fives. The ire directed at Romney and John McCain (who stiffed the conference) is palpable, and there's no sign of anti-Giuliani animus except for:

These "No Rudy McRomney" stickers, modeled by a conservative wearing a "I'm a Right Wing Nut Job" shirt.

Yes, it's Jeff Gannon, who's getting far less flak than..

These beleagured ACLU volunteers, getting lectured on how the Constitution protects the lives of babies but not athiests.