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Radicals for Capitalism in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


Bill Steigerwald of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review did a Q-and-A with me about my new book, Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement, for yesterday's paper; a full version of the piece appears here at his syndication site. (I apparently overuse the phrase "sort of" as an often meaningless verbal tic; apologies.)

More ongoing Radicals news, views, media, and promotion here .

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  1. A link to the article might be nice.

  2. Sure, Pig, since you asked nicely, I’ve added the link.

  3. Uhh… Brian, isn’t it the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review? I only know because (disclosure time) I was fired from one of their “sister” papers for a small ethical disagreement with my editor.

    Steigerwald is a rare gem of libertarianism hidden in an otherwise Bush mouthpiece paper. I’ve meet him in several of my journalism classes at Pitt, and he’s got a good head on his shoulders.

    However, the paper itself is often retracting untrue stories that were clearly cut-and-pasted from GOP press releases. Much of the editoral direction is dictated by the Mellon family (Richard Mellon Scaife owns the “Trib Total Media” conglomerate for which I was employed).

    Not sure how relevant this is to your original post, but I though I’d share the experience that led me to abandon Journalism as a profession.

  4. Taktix–You’re right of course, error fixed.

  5. oops, edit: I’ve met him…

    I haven’t conformed to print editoral standards in quite a while.

  6. The Pittsburgh Tribune! Wow! That’s the BIG TIME!

  7. (I apparently overuse the phrase “sort of” as an often meaningless verbal tic; apologies.)

    I kinda do the same thing myself, bro.

  8. I finally ordered the book last night. What made me finally do it? (It had been sitting in the cart.) That idiotic article in Pandagon did it.

  9. Radicals for Capitalism arrived yesterday. I can’t wait to sit down and tear through it.

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