Former UN Ambassador: God Forbid We Miss Out on a Chance for War


Very bizarre and telling comment from John Bolton on CNN yesterday regarding the North Korea nuke negotiations, as recorded by Eric Garris at antiwar.com. (I did not catch this myself):

The best thing you can say about this deal is that it's so incomplete, and that the North Koreans may yet save us from ourselves by overreaching. They violated the 1994 agreed framework because they want to have it both ways. They want to keep the nuclear program and get these economic benefits. So I'm hoping the North Koreans will come to our rescue and show they're not really serious here about denuclearizaion, because I don't think they are.

Well, at least a man who appears to think that a desire for negotiation over war is one of America's regrettable weaknesses that it needs to be saved from is no longer a leading diplomat.