Wasted! Youth!


Here's more fodder for the "which pundits believe their own bullshit" debate: pro-war blogs (and a bunch of Fox News shows) fomenting scandal over Barack Obama saying "over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans" were "wasted" in Iraq. Michelle Malkin's got the most comprehensive carp, but the excellent racism on this Little Green Footballs thread [UPDATE: It's been deleted.] pushes it into the winner's circle.

So, 3000 wasted, yo, O'bomba, about the Buffalo Troops who went after the uncivil war out west with Gen. Sherman, your "Black History" studies did it include the facts of the Apache babies who were taken by the heels by said troops and the scull cracked on the rocks of the fire pits,and the women raped and then set on fire.

No e-mail address, though, so it's not clear where John Edwards should send the application.

Obama changed the "wasted" wording when a reporter asked him about it, demonstrating why Republicans fear him more than they ever did John Kerry. But I don't get it: Why do the Hannities and Malkins et al sweat this stuff? Around half the country has given up on the war; about 1/4 is waiting to see if the surge can work. If* it doesn't, by November 2008 you could take all the people who don't think the thousands of lives lost in Iraq were "wasted" and fit them in a Des Moines rec center. It'll be fun! They can reminisce about March 2003 and field calls for book deals and columnist gigs.