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Brian Doherty Talking About Radicals For Capitalism, Live on the Internet


That would be my new book , being discussed at BlogTalkRadio, for a half hour, starting at 7:30 pacific. Here's the show's page. Seems as if it will be available to hear in archived forms if you miss it live. With host the rip-roarin', rootin'-tootin' "mainstream libertarian" Eric Dondero. (Eric and I were both active in LP and libertarian activism around and about the University of Florida in Gainesville in the late 1980s.)

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  1. I got my copy! Gonna read it in the next couple days.

  2. Doherty: I checked out your C-SPAN/BookNotes interview at

    Nice job. If I ever run into you, remind me to buy you a beer. I guess I’m going to have to buy your book, now. 🙂

  3. I watched your Booknotes interview, very interesting. I read a little of the book in Border’s last night. It’s on my reading list.

  4. Love the Afterwords interview. I’m heartened at the thought that libertarianism is growing. I’ve got the book on my Amazon wish list. Incidentally, isn’t it some sort of violation of H&R rules to post about yourself?

  5. Prediction:

    Radicals For Capitalism becomes, like the new Fountainhead or whatever, and Brian gets seriously laid because of it. 😉

  6. Brian, very happy to have you on our show. We don’t always agree, but you were an excellent guest, and your book is well, well worth the cover price!

    (BTW, the download html of the show is available now).

    Eric Dondero, Host
    “Libertarian Politics Live”

  7. After a decade or so of libertarian activism (most of it also around UF and Gainesville), I got kind of burned out after working at Cato (and moving back to Gainesville). I stopped reading libertarian lit., paying attention to the movement, and being all-around apathetic.

    Then I picked up a copy of RfC. It’s awesome, and it’s inspired me to pick up the reins once more.

    Also, the anecdote you told on C-Span about the guy who thought it was unethical to destroy someone else’s property, even if that property is being used to tie you up, is HILARIOUS. Such an utterly libertarian argument. Nice work on the book!

  8. Two things. First, forgive the poorly-written comment above. So many errors.

    Second, on the sequel book, I’d like to see some Liberteaser references.

  9. Warren—When an author has a new book out he’s been working on (with other things, natch) for over 11 years, all bets are off and all promotional is legit.

  10. Greg, the “guy” could only have been Robert LeFevre. He was a nice old gentlemen, had a bigger following on the West Coast and ran a freedom school of some sort that was heavily funded by Roger Milliken, the textile king.
    LeFevre once told me he wouldn’t break a kidnapper’s lock (luckily he never had to).

  11. Yes, it was LeFevre. What a kook…

  12. I need to read this book. From seeing the interview and hearing the comments it sounds like a non-fiction Getting it Right by WFB Jr., but different.

    I am probably way off, but I really liked Getting it Right, the first Buckley novel I ever read and the subject is quite interesting to me.

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