Yes, Panda-Gone.


A few days later than reported, feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte has quit the John Edwards campaign. Liberal bloggers are swearing that she jumped, and wasn't pushed. The more interesting thing: Of the entire Democratic field for president, three candidates are making their second runs. Dennis Kucinich hasn't embarrassed himself any worse than he usually does. Joe Biden has made a gaffe that probably killed his chances, which were only on life support from the getgo. Edwards has made the worst hiring decision of any presidential candidate since Eisenhower signed Charles Starkweather to be his Nebraska media coordinator.* So… is running for president such a mighty task that no one can really "master" it? Or are Edwards and Biden unusually incompetent?

Additional fun fact: Edwards announced his first presidential campaign on September 15, 2003. He's been running for president or for vice president for three years and four months. That's got to either turn you into a pro or drive you completely insane.

*This did not happen.