George H.W. Bush Once Again Humiliated By Ronald Reagan


Back in the day, it was having to repudiate his stinging "voodoo economics" line and switching positions on abortion and being putting under 24/7 surveillance as vice president. Now, the first President Bush has received a Ronald Reagan award, given to those who "have contributed greatly to the cause of freedom worldwide." Bush played his second-rate status to the hilt, good-naturedly joking,

"I wish I had a little Ronald Reagan in me when it came to communicating with the American people," said Bush, who served as Reagan's vice president. "Had I been blessed with my predecessor's remarkable skill, who knows? I might still be employed."

One thing's for sure: Regardless of how many more Bushes get elected president (I'm betting on Jeb Bush's daughter Noelle to eventually win by using Bob Seger's "Like a Rock" as a theme song), H.W. will never be the worst we've seen. 

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