Spoiling for a(nother) Fight


Ralph Nader has creaked the baby-proofed door open for another presidential bid. His fourth (or fifth, if you count his 1992 write-in campaign).

BLITZER: [I]f Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination, would that encourage you to go forward and put your name on the ballot?

NADER: It would make it more important that that be the case.

Electorally, this is pretty meaningless. The 2000 election ruined Nader's reputation among his prospective supporters. From that election to 2004, his vote collaped by 84 percent, from 2,883,105 to 463,655. He's not expecting to have any electoral impact; he just wants to keep his name on peoples' lips and sell some books. (Notice which Democrats he says could get him to stay out of the race, if they won the nomination: Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel.)

If you're actually still interested in Nader, it's a good time to read Justin Raimondo's close-but-no-clove-cigarette 2004 Nader endorsement.