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I'll be on the Dom Giordano Show tonight from 10:30 to 10:45 pm Eastern time, on WPHT 1210 AM in Philadelphia. The subject: The Boston Two.

UPDATE: It went well; Giordano was dead set on making fun of Berdovsky and Stevens; I tried to argue that they were capitalist folk heroes. But we found common ground making fun of the manic TV reporters who were flustered by the "70s haircuts" presser.

NEXT: Lindsay Lohan: Foe of Free Markets

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  1. So how did it go? Dom can be interesting, and he’s less awful than national conservative AM radio. But he can be teeth-grittingly bad on social and civil liberties issues. Without hearing the show I’m 70% sure he took up the side of the Boston authorities, but there’s a slim but decent chance he noticed that Philadelphia didn’t fall to the Mooninites and was sympathetic to Berdovsky and Stevens.

  2. Ah! I guess I guessed semi-correctly.

  3. Will this be available as a podcast/download?
    Link, please.

  4. he can be teeth-grittingly bad on social and civil liberties issues

    You got that right. Most of the local hosts at WPHT are willing to sacrifice just about anything for sake of “security,” including Smerconish, who actually seems to have half a brain.

  5. Dom Giordano is the textbook populist. He’s only against the government in so much as he thinks it’s a tool for the elite (i.e. people who disagree with him in any way) to oppress the common people. If the government were under control of the right people (i.e. him), there’s no intrusion on personal liberty he wouldn’t be in favor of.

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