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Lindsay Lohan: Foe of Free Markets


General caveat: While I adore the Superficial as my favorite source of high-level celeb snark, I have no idea if it's a real "reliable source" in, you know, the actual sense of being reliable. Still, they are saying that:

Lindsay Lohan reportedly keeps her appendix in her freezer because she was so worried it would end up being sold on eBay she asked the hospital staff if she could take it home.

Kerry Howley, our gutsiest staffer, delved deep into the marrow of the weird world of restricted markets in human organs and tissue in an incisive Reason feature story in our February issue–already in the hands of subscribers!–and also talks about it here and here.

Tedious literalist caveat: Yes, I know not choosing to sell your own organ doesn't necessarily make you a foe of free markets in organs in principle.

[Hat tip: Marginal Revolution.]