Lindsay Lohan: Foe of Free Markets


General caveat: While I adore the Superficial as my favorite source of high-level celeb snark, I have no idea if it's a real "reliable source" in, you know, the actual sense of being reliable. Still, they are saying that:

Lindsay Lohan reportedly keeps her appendix in her freezer because she was so worried it would end up being sold on eBay she asked the hospital staff if she could take it home.

Kerry Howley, our gutsiest staffer, delved deep into the marrow of the weird world of restricted markets in human organs and tissue in an incisive Reason feature story in our February issue–already in the hands of subscribers!–and also talks about it here and here.

Tedious literalist caveat: Yes, I know not choosing to sell your own organ doesn't necessarily make you a foe of free markets in organs in principle.

[Hat tip: Marginal Revolution.]

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  1. Was “gutsiest” a pun that is going over my head?

  2. Why is it in the freezer? I thought she had been doing her best to have it pickled before she had it removed.

  3. Lindsay Lohan: Foe of Free Markets

    She’s a freind to the free market. The free upskirt photo market.

  4. Oh gee I really hate celebrity dish. I thought everybody here did. Aren’t we all South Park philes? The free market tie-in is as lame as it is tedious.

  5. Celebs auction off their things for charity all the time. I’m sure she’s only saving it to donate to a worthy cause.

  6. Brian,

    If you want an appendix, you can buy mine which I guarantee is entirely pus-free for $150,000 if you pay for the operation. But why would you want to, when IT’S A FRICKING USELESS ORGAN THAT PERFORMS NO FUNCTION! HELLO! HELLO! HELLO! IT’S A FRICKING USELESS ORGAN THAT PERFORMS NO FUNCTION! Besides, maybe Lindsay was drunk.

  7. Alan—Must I explain subjective value to you? Surely you know better….as an organ, of course the appendix is worthless. As Lindsay Lohan’s organ, there is a huge potential market, the discovery process involved in which Lohan’s protectionist action is subverting. And the value of a good reason to hype Kerry’s wonderful writings on the organ market: priceless!

  8. I’d do her…. but I’d wear two rubbers.

  9. Tedious literalist caveat

    That’s better.

  10. The probability of it being sold would decrease even more if she would judt drop it down the disposal.

  11. Crap Kyle you stole my line!

  12. As someone who has downloaded her Vanity Fair cover shot, do you know how much that could be sold for of human cloning ever became a reality?
    The Arabs, if oil is still worth something, or the Chinnese, if not, would pay millions, maybe even a billion plus if they’re guaranteed franchise rights.
    She is stacked and hot, naturally. That’s priceless.

  13. What about Vanity Fair?

    – R

  14. And I have the heart of a little boy… in a jar on my desk. Ba-zing!

  15. Would it be legal to say that I would hit it back before she was legal, back when she was 17 or so, before the anorexia and the crack?

    Would it be legal to say that? Not that I would ever say anything like that.

  16. Kerry Howley, our gutsiest staffer,

    Not this again

  17. Perhaps Lohan has a much sharper idea of the Free Market than those who are calling her a Foe. By reducing the supply of Lohan appendices, at a given demand, she may be successfully increasing the price. And the fuss surrounding her actions may actually be inceasing the demand, which again, with a VERY limited supply of appendices, will drive up the price.

    Free Market at Work. Go Capitalism!

    Cracker’s Boy

  18. The probability of it being sold would decrease even more if she would just drop it down the disposal.

    Not. If potential buyers know where Lindsay’s actual appendix is it won’t appear on eBay. If not then we may see several of them offered for sale.

  19. So, if I follow this, Lindsay Lohan is keeping her appendix in a freezer to keep counterfeit Lohan appendices from being sold on e-Bay.

    Well, that’s alright then.

  20. Err, I don’t think hospitals let you take biowaste home, even if it’s your own. Trust me, when I had that hernia operation, I tried.

  21. You aren’t Lindsay Lohan. You probably don’t have her credit limit.

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