"We have 200 members and we're terrorising these cash machines."


The pseudonymous Captian Gatso issues this war cry after his group, Motorists Against Detection, destroyed a speed camera in the U.K. for the sixth time:

The hated machine had only been back in action for a week when it was targeted again and torched.

In three years the device, by a school at Flax Bourton, near Bristol, has been set alight four times, knocked down and rammed. Each time it costs £30,000 to replace.

The boss of Motorists Against Detection yesterday claimed responsibility. Nicknamed Captain Gatso, he said: "We have repeatedly targeted this stretch and this one has been taken out more than any other."

For more on the Brits and their cameras, go here and here.

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  1. How can something be so wrong, and yet so right, all at the same time?

  2. This is in the UK, but my heart is with you guys. Speed cameras are just wrong. I have contemplated similar action against US speed cameras.

    My tiny town in the Mojave desert actually seriously debated installing these things. The disheartening thing is that LOTS of people liked the idea.

  3. Civil disobedience at its finest. Huzzah! When they start dumping tea I just may wet myself.

  4. Boy, them Brits got balls, eh?

  5. Within every government is a secret institutional dread that one day people will wake up and simply stop obeying them. Expect Captain Gasto to be hung from meat hooks when he’s caught.

  6. “When they start dumping tea I just may wet myself.”

    Peeing your pants is like friendship: Everyone can see it but only you can feel the true warmth. Thanks for being my friend.

    Send this to 10 of your best friends and then get depressed because you could only think of 4.

  7. And for the second time today, my mind is blown. Katherine Mangu-Ward actually posted something that could be called libertarian and not just right-wing.

  8. How can one terrorize a machine? Machines do not feel fear.

  9. I need an explanation of the item’s title.

  10. I need an explanation of the item’s title.

    It’s, um, a direct quote from the linked article, bio.

  11. sorry, I didn’t RTFA.

    and I still haven’t.

  12. I’ll sum it up for you:

    Vigilante Brits destroy evil spying devices.
    And seem to enjoy it.
    And intend to continue their sport.
    Nanny’s nose is duly thumbed at.

  13. thanks, :-, although I got that (and apparently all important information) from the blog post.

    since often the post titles are some clever cultural reference, I thought perhaps this one was also. I would have guessed A Clockwork Orange, but I don’t think there were cash machines when it was made. in any case, thanks for the clarification.

    a non-ironic title. novel.

  14. What’s the libertarian position on the proliferation of cameras on private property – cameras which are not placed by the government yet nevertheless spy on people walking down the sidewalk? I know it doesn’t affect anything people really care about (say, speeding in their car) but still.

  15. What would a really dumb politician do in response?

    install a second camera to watch the first to identify the culprits!. 🙂

    We must make sure laws are abode by! Soon Camera Three activists will insist government maintain camera security.

    Banksy (brilliant UK street artist) has done a lot of nice piss-take pieces on the british camera fetish


    If you’re not impressed with that, fine, it’s kind of cheap, but really, the man has his moments of genius


    Downside: Screaming Leftist. But far, far more anti-state than your average green…

  16. While we all find this entertaining here, and enjoy cheering Robin Hood on, sooner or later the Sheriff is going to catch him and throw him in the dungeon.

    So I both hope he’ll quit while he’s ahead, and I look forward to seeing many more cameras burn. Good luck, Captain Gatso!

  17. I grew up in Flax Bourton.

    I can understand the location of this camera as the village is in a 30mph zone just after a 60 mph road. I can remember a lot of accidents in that area and the speeding traffic does make a lot more noise than those on the speed limit.

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