More Polls To Chew On


Dave Weigel reports on a Rasmussen poll showing that Hillary Clinton is rapidly approaching an Edmund Muskie-like burnout.

A new Zogby poll of Iowa voters turns up these numbers: Edwards leading the pack with 27 percent of likely Hawkeye State caucus-goers wanting him to be the Dem candidate. Obama, Vilsack, and Clinton are the only other Dems with double-digit support (between 16 percent and 17 percent).

On the GOP side, things are tighter: Giuliani and McCain are pulling 19 percent and 17 percent respectively, while Newt the Chins Gingrich is snagging 13 percent of likely Republican caucusoids.

After that, the GOP list goes well into single digits and, quite frankly, starts to sound like some sort of bizarro Wiggles knock-off, with cuddly characters named Tancredo, Huckabee, Pataki, and Brownback netting around 1 percent each (Rice gets 9 percent; Romney gets 5 percent).

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  1. With all due respect to Nick & Dave, isn’t it a little early in the season to have two posts back to back on an election that’s almost two years away?

  2. How dare you, sir, imply that the Wiggles have anything to do with American politicians. To utter the name of that wonderful band in the same breath as those loathsome scum seeking the presidency is most unjust.

    Even asleep, Jeff is far more productive than those aforementioned lothsome scum who are tax-eaters, idlers and wastrels.

    I think I’ll go get a subscription just so that I can cancel it in outrage.

  3. Edwards, Clinton, Obama.

    Please pass the hemlock.

  4. If I was a Republican, I’d go for Huckabee or Newt. They both seem very capable and intelligent – Newt a little moreso, but he’s also slimier.

  5. I have no opinion whatsoever about the presidential race, but thanks for the link to the Wiggles website. My five-year-old thanks you.

  6. As a father of a toddler, I’m actually more concerned about the recent retirement of lead singer Greg Paige from the Wiggles than I am democratic primary candidates at this early in the election game. 🙂

  7. If Rice doesn’t run, I wonder where her support goes? I would guess that it would go primarily to Giuliani making him the favorite.

  8. Why the hell does Iowa essentially get to pick our presidents?

    Not that I can vote in democratic primaries, but by the time they got around to having ours here in pennsylvania, our two choices were john kerry and dennis kucinich.

    It just all seems so undemocratic (like sadam running on a ballot all by himself kind of un-democratic). But as is the case with so many things that drive me nuts, nobody seems to mind?

  9. Rereading that list, I must admit I’m startled by the fact that there is absolutely no one I’m remotely like Dem or Repu, though I know next to nothing about Vilsack. Though one thing I’ve been relieved about is that there are no rumblings about Jeb Bush running.

    Though another Clinton versus Bush election would be amusing..until it was over and one them one of course.

    Though I would be more to happy to throw my vote to Ron Paul, even if it is an ideological protest vote.

  10. I see only one chin in that picture of Newt.

  11. Why the hell does Iowa essentially get to pick our presidents?

    That would be Jimmy Carter’s fault.

    The Iowa caucuses were a relatively obscure event until Jimmy parlayed an unexpectedly strong showing in Iowa into a seat in the White House.

  12. jake,

    An interesting thing about the 1976 Carter “win” in Iowa is that he actually came in as the distant second behind “uncommitted”.

  13. ’76 was my first chance to vote for president (turned 18 in ’75).

    Got to choose between Ford and Carter. Have been scarred ever since.

  14. If I was a Republican, I’d go for Huckabee or Newt. They both seem very capable and intelligent – Newt a little moreso, but he’s also slimier.

    Once I finally renew my voter registration, I’ll probably have to register Republican if it looks like Newt is going to be strong in the primaries, or if Ron Paul looks like he has even the slightest chance. I’d say Newt being capable, intelligent and slimy puts him in the same light as Bill Clinton, and the country did pretty good under him for eight years (Janet Reno and Maddy Albright notwithstanding).

    Otherwise, unless the LP has managed to become a full-fledged party in Ohio, it’s back to being an independent.

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