More Polls To Chew On


Dave Weigel reports on a Rasmussen poll showing that Hillary Clinton is rapidly approaching an Edmund Muskie-like burnout.

A new Zogby poll of Iowa voters turns up these numbers: Edwards leading the pack with 27 percent of likely Hawkeye State caucus-goers wanting him to be the Dem candidate. Obama, Vilsack, and Clinton are the only other Dems with double-digit support (between 16 percent and 17 percent).

On the GOP side, things are tighter: Giuliani and McCain are pulling 19 percent and 17 percent respectively, while Newt the Chins Gingrich is snagging 13 percent of likely Republican caucusoids.

After that, the GOP list goes well into single digits and, quite frankly, starts to sound like some sort of bizarro Wiggles knock-off, with cuddly characters named Tancredo, Huckabee, Pataki, and Brownback netting around 1 percent each (Rice gets 9 percent; Romney gets 5 percent).

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