Jell-O Shooter Man Avoids Jail-O, Finds Home for Booze Biz in Temperance


The Detriot News tells the strange story of Brian Pearson, an entrepeneuer who was the first to market the Jell-O shot, under the brand name "Zippers."

Pearson's business apparently raised the ire of Hope Taft, former first lady to Ohio's corrupt ex-governor , who fretted that Pearson's business was targetting children.

Eventually, Pearson's home and business were raided by ATF agents. He was accused of illegally manufacturing alcohol. He valliantly fought the charges, and a grand jury refused to indict him. Unfortunately, his subsequent lawsuit against his persecutors was unsuccessful.

Pearson has since relocated and reopened his business—and finding renewed success. Here's the punchline:  The new headquarters for BNPC Distillery?

Temperance, Michigan.

Hat tip: Jacob Grier.