Senators Behaving Badly


Right now John McCain and Joe Lieberman are giving their incredibly serious speeches about how we need to throw more troops into Iraq even though (in McCain's words) "there is no guarantee of success." McCain closes his comments by joking: "We invite the crowd outside for a polite Q&A session." Hilarious! The crowd outside protesting McCain is a segment of the 89 percent of the country that opposes the McCain-Lieberman "surge" plan.

And here comes Lieberman: "It is 1942. We have already had our Pearl Harbor, on September 11." Yeah, let's trust this guy to deal with numbers.

Has anyone proposed shipping these clowns over to a barren patch of desert where they can make their bones as lounge singers? No? Let me be the first to suggest it.

UPDATE: Huh. McCain and Lieberman now inhabit a fantasy world that even Oliver North won't enter.