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And Apparently Not Dead: Ayatollah Ali Khameini


Despite what you might have heard. DailyKos has a very harshly worded account (the word "wingnut" features prominently in the headline….) of how the story of the Iranian religious dictator's death started in the blogosphere and, for now, seems to have stopped. Hey, at some point, death-rumor-spreader Michael Ledeen will turn out to be right….

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  1. I remember hearing about when Khomeini died and thinking, “Cool, maybe things will get better over there.” Nope. And when this Ayatollah does finally buy the farm they’ll just bring up the next crazy bastard in line.

    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

  2. “Despite what you might have heard.”

    Despite what you might have heard, this is not a full sentence. Can you guys get one of them cute little grammar bitches? Or just stop writing alternatively headlines into the posts as sentence fragments?

    I’m not sure Kos sourcing is really that reliable either, but he and they aren’t as maddening as Ledeen, right?

  3. Or just stop writing alternatively headlines into the posts as sentence fragments?

    This is not a “complete sentence” either, moron. If you’re going to take shit out of context just to be pedantic, try not to copy the exact same perfectly legitimate English idiom that you’re criticizing.

    I think I can sum up what you defenders of such halfassed rumormongering alternative reporting are trying to say, in response to another debunking of bullshit:

    “But… but… but… I wanted it to be true!”

  4. Maybe Ledeen can tell us if Gen. Franco is still dead.

  5. Just as long as they tell us into which ditch they threw his carcass. Maybe we could celebrate with a meal of Rocky Mountain Oysters a la Saddam, some Jerk Castro, and a rack of Arafat!

  6. Prediction: Someday Ayatollah Ali Khameini will die, and Ledeen et al. will say, “See, we were right!”

  7. For Reason to quote Daily Kos is kind of like Focus on the Family quoting Juggs Magazine.

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