100 Hours To Kill


Via Drudge comes this summary of tomorrow's historic happening:

On Thursday, Nancy Pelosi will take the gavel as the first woman speaker in the history of the House, and immediately launch a 100 legislative-hour march to quickly put the Democratic stamp on the new Congress.

Before President Bush arrives on Capitol Hill on Jan. 23 for his State of the Union address, House Democrats intend to update ethics rules, raise the minimum wage, implement 9/11 Commission recommendations, cut subsidies to the oil industry, promote stem cell research and make college educations and prescription drugs more affordable.

More here.

I'm figgering the 100 hours–and by the way, are they working through the weekend or are they, like Loverboy, working for the weekend?–is going to seem more like a 1,000 days.

And who among the Dem leadership is going to wear the headband?