Doherty Speaking On His Forthcoming Book


For those of you residing in or near Southern California's northern portions, do please consider coming hear me speak on Thursday, Dec. 14, to the San Fernando Valley Libertarian Party's Supper Club. I'll be talking about my forthcoming book, Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement.

Time: Thursday, Dec. 14, dinner at 7 p.m., talks start at 8 p.m. if you don't want dinner. No entrance fee.

Place: Carrow's Restaurant on Ventura Blvd. off the 101, 18355 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana CA. (Between Reseda and White Oak cross-streets.)

Yes, Tarzana is named after Tarzan, according to the excellent Burroughs biographer John Taliaferro, and despite what Snopes says.*

All the details here.

*UPDATE: The Snopes entry linked to is a deliberate phony–deliberate on their part, I was unaware until commenter Umbriel pointed out their occasional intentional lie. 

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  1. Snopes “says” that it’s the other way around, but only tongue-in-cheek:

  2. Umbriel—Interesting. I was fooled—I had no idea Snopes had the occasional deliberately mistaken entry. Entry amended….

  3. Snopes is pretty credible, but they aren’t always right, even when they think they are.

  4. Snopes “says” that it’s the other way around, but only tongue-in-cheek

    Oh, how very clever & post-modern: “You can’t believe everything–not even us!” I guess I was “fooled” too. Idiots.

    — Former reader

  5. There’s a perfectly cromulent reason why the Snopes folks would include a few inaccurate entries on their site. It’s a handy way to catch out plagiarizers and copyright violators. If they copy the phony stuff without attribution, it makes it easy to sue them.


  6. Brian,

    Do you have any speaking engagements planned for Northern CA ?

  7. SM–I hope and intend to do something up in the San Francisco Bay Area at least, probably after the book is actually out in February, but nothing set in stone yet. Keep watching your Hit and Run for further updates….hope SF bay is northern enough for you.

  8. Years ago I was taken in myself briefly by the “Titanic/Poseidon Adventure” legend, which even features a link to a faux IMDB page. Only subsequently encountering the fundamentally absurd “Mr. Ed was a zebra” story encouraged me to dig a little deeper. They only recently added those “More information about this page” links at the bottom of the T.R.O.L.L. stories, probably after a lot of outraged e-mails from folks who’d been had.

    I’ve generally found Snopes to be factually reliable. Their main shortcoming is a tendency to pontificate for multiple paragraphs in response to legends that offend their PC sensibilities.

  9. “hope SF bay is northern enough for you.”

    SF is perfect – To the north lie the cursed lands of Canada 🙂

  10. So, Brian,
    Is the talk going to be online in some format? Would love to listen to it or view a video of it.
    Best to you,
    Just a thought.
    Just Ken

  11. Ah, yes, Brian Doherty; a graduate of the late 1980s/early 1990s Florida Punk Rock/libertarian activist/FSU/UF scene, which included other libertarian greats like Tom Walls, Phil Blumel, Ivan Osorio and yours truly. (Though, I was the only one of the bunch at Florida State.)

    Brian, you should have written a book on how those of us who emerged out of the early punk rock movement grew up to be successful leaders of the modern libertarian movement, you included.


    Though, lose that cycnical -“everthing sucks” side of you, no doubt leftover from those early punk days, please!

    You’re not having to live in a dingy, low rent Gainesville apartment with no air conditioning any more.

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