Phill Kline's $50,000 Consolation Prize


Outgoing Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, last seen losing his re-election bid by 16 percentage points, will swap jobs with the candidate who defeated him, Johnson County District Attorney Paul Morrison. Since Morrison was a Republican until he switched parties to run against Kline, Republican committeemen got to choose a replacement to serve the rest of his term, and they picked Kline, who is famous/notorious for harassing abortion clinics and struggling to define sex, by a vote of 316 to 291. His new job pays $50,000 more a year. The Kansas City Star has a guide for the perplexed. 


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  1. The old boys network is working just fine, I see.

  2. More humiliation for Kansas. Wonderful.

  3. I’m sure there was absolutely no one in the state of Kansas more qualified or willing to do the job. I mean it’s a tiny place with a handful of people… or the actions of the politicans suggests that’s their perception of it.

  4. Mr. Sullum: While its too bad that Kline isn’t standing in a bread line, I love the accidental humor in “…and struggling to define sex, by a vote of 316 to 291.” if you read it w/o the comma. (Yes to those nitpickers, the sentence is correctly formulated, but the terminal clause still gives me the chuckles).

  5. In NY & probably other places one’s nomination for office comes with a committee to fill vacancies before the election, i.e. on the ballot. In Kansas an elected office holder comes with a committee to fill vacancies arising during the term of office?!

    Or is it even worse, a party committee that can change composition at or after the election? So you’re really electing a party?

  6. I should’ve RTFA. But now I wonder what happens if someone elected as an independent quits.

  7. “I should’ve RTFA. But now I wonder what happens if someone elected as an independent quits.”

    The correct answer is: Who gives a *&^%?

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